Attention all participants! The result are in and the drawing part is about to begin!

If you think the character you will get is too complex, do not worry! You can always simplify their design for an easier time and less stress!

Participant + Given Character


As I said in the sign-up blog, they are absolutely optional, you can take on one of the challenges (or more, even all of them if you are ready for everything). They are four challenges that you can take on you wanna pick before or during the Drawing part of the Art Swap.

  • Theme Change: Change the theme that the character you receive. For instance, if you receive a character who theme is around nature, you can make it into industrial or more animal-like.
  • Limited Palette: You are only allowed from to use up to four colors. Black, white and grey counts as one color altogether. Don't do this challenge if you will only make a sketch.
  • Interaction: You can add a canon character or one of your character (or free-to-use characters) for interaction with the character you get. You can add more than one, but I recommend to do just one if you got little time to do so.
  • Wordy: Based off LegendaryHero1023 (tbc)'s Wordy optional challenge from the Fantendo Art Show, but here I will draw three words instead of one once the Drawing challenge will begin.

The three words of today's Wordy Challenge are...

  • Policeman (Policewoman for female characters)
  • Bomber
  • Magazine

Notice that doing the Wordy challenge does not require doing all of the three words; you only need to pick one of them in order to complete the Wordy challenge, but you can do two of them or even all of them if you wanted to!

If you completed one or more of those challenges, tell them in your comment!


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