So, today new information about Sword and Shield are released. Since no one else put them in a blog today, I feels like the news still need to be spread for those who missed out.

So, from the trailer:

  • Galarian Forms are confirmed, and this time, not all of them are Gen 1 Pokémon this time, with Galarian Zigzagoon line being from Gen 3.
    • Galarian Weezing is Poison/Fairy with Levitate and a classified Ability. I love the goofy gentleman-like design and breathes a new life for the Weezing line.
    • Galarian Zigzagoon line are Dark/Normal like Alolan Ratatta line, with the same Abilities from the original Hoenn counterparts.
    • But here's a twist! Galarian Linoone, unlike Hoennian Linoone, can evolve into a whole new Pokemon called Obstagoon, with the Abilities changed into Reckless and Guts. Facade + Flame Orb for Guts, everyone?
    • This means that Cross-Gen Evolutions are coming back in full force since Gen 6 (or Gen 4 in term of multiple Cross-Gen Evos). The official website already confirms that multiple Galarian Forms will have a brand new evolution, not just Galarian Linoone. While this stinks for the original counterparts, at least this allows the Galarian Forms to pull the weight better. This is considering that the likes of Raticate and Persian already accomplished their early route duty, and their Alolan Forms are only marginally better yet still only worthy for early routes.
  • Morpeko is the Electric/Dark Pikaclone of Galar, with a gimmick Ability called Hunger Switch. It changes into its Hangry form (that's what it is called) and, from the official website tells, changes its signature move Aura Wheel into Dark-type. When at Full Belly mode, Aura Wheel becomes Electric-type instead.
  • New Rivals confirmed as well.
    • Bede is a more smug-looking rival, and judging from the website's description (telling that he have other objectives as well), he's likely to be a full-on jerk rival. We better hope that will be the case!
    • Marnie is another rival with a big competitive side, but is also calm and calculating. Her signature Pokemon may be very likely Morpeko based on the website's description about her. She also have a lot of fans, including the rowdy Team Yell.
  • Team Yell is almost Team Skull 2.0; an "evil" team with a goofy attitude. However, the big difference here is that they are huge fans of Marnie and will do anything to make Marnie the Champion. Now that's an extreme version of a rabid fanbase.

As always, don't get your expectations high, but you can always comment about what do you think about the information revealed in August 7th.


  • Not seen in the English trailer, there is Galar's way to level up your stored Pokemon, called the Poke Jobs.
    • PokéJobs allows you to use your Pokémon in your PC or in your party to complete various tasks from various companies, including universities and corporations, allowing them to gain experience. The specific amount of experience they will gain depends on how long they worked and if their Type fits with the selected job.
    • Alongside the PokéJobs comes with Rotomi, a feminine-looking Rotom that serves as the Pokémon Centers' PC. Rotomi have many features such as access of Boxes and the Loto-ID.
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