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Samtendo09 Samtendo09 8 June

Introducing Fantendo Sheet Center!’s_Sheet_Center

Hello again everyone, this is Samtendo. Have you ever wondered what was I up to since last three years or so? I’ve been doing projects, but outside this wikia through Google Sheets.

This page also allows you to do the same for projects made through Google Sheets or similar applications, or even behind-the-scenes stuff.

Just follow the rules and you will be able to share your creations with other members of the Fantendo community beyond the traditional wikia pages.

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Samtendo09 Samtendo09 8 March 2021

My 26th Anniversary

Today (March 8th 2021) is my birthday, and I am turned 26th years old! I got my ups and downs, but more ups overall throughout my five last years. I also try to improve myself to minimize my negative attitude throughout these years. I am very disappointed by the last year as it affect a lot of people around the world, but I try to stay strong and stay positive while minding my business.

Got no gifts so far due to monetary complications in my parents' side, though they will give me one as soon as the problem become solved later on. Fortunately, I got some nice drumsticks and fries for lunch!

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Samtendo09 Samtendo09 12 January 2021

Nintendo + Fantendo: Fusion Crisis Sign-Up

Hello everybody! Today, I will make a shadow-dropping announcement about a particular game I am very ambitious to work with. Ladies, gentlemen and everything else, I present you one of my upcoming project.

You may think right now; "Oh, boy, another of those Nintendo + Fantendo crossover game. What it will bring up this time?"

Easy question requires an easy answer; fusions. To make it quick, no, fusion is not a game mechanic - coming up with combinations with about fifty playable characters would be a nightmare - but it is an important theming nonetheless. The story will be about two Multiverses - The Nintendo one and the Fantendo one - having to deal with not one, but two major antagonists. Hades from Kid Icarus and Soul from KillGames, ready…

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Samtendo09 Samtendo09 28 December 2020

Hoenn Hero Sign-Up Blog + Requests

Hello everybody, Samtendo here! I'm opening a sign-up blog (and art request; but a more specific one, more details below) for a certain fangame under early writing called Pokémon: Hoenn Hero, which you can find the sandbox about it here for most ideas. You will find stuff like the return of Shadow Pokémon, the introduction of Refulgent Pokémon, as well as several new evolutions and pre-evolutions in there, plus Hoennian forms + evos.

But the blog is not entirely about it; this blog is about the sign-up for me to allow using some Fakémon (fan Pokémon) created in this site, preferably from the released pages. This allows them to have a new life in the upcoming game!

Just three rules for it;

  • The Fakémon have to be from a released page or at leas…
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Samtendo09 Samtendo09 4 July 2020

Shadow Pokémon & Refulgent Pokémon Art Requests

Update: This request blog is now closed. See you in the next one!

Back into another art request season, this time regarding Pokémon stuff. Specifically, I am talking about Shadow Pokémon and Refulgent Pokémon.

Right now I can hear "wait what the fuck is Refulgent Pokémon", and I made it up to put it shortly. I will give details about either forms, regarding a future Pokémon project I have in mind:

  • are introduced in Pokémon Colosseum and returns in Pokémon XD, Pokken (with Shadow Mewtwo) and Pokémon GO (in a slightly different capacity). Their Shadow Moves are always super effective against non-Shadow Pokémon, but not very effective against Shadow Pokémon. This time, in my future Pokémon project, all of the Shadow Pokémon are fully corrupted, r…
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