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  • Samtendo09

    Update: This request blog is now closed. See you in the next one!

    Back into another art request season, this time regarding Pokémon stuff. Specifically, I am talking about Shadow Pokémon and Refulgent Pokémon.

    Right now I can hear "wait what the fuck is Refulgent Pokémon", and I made it up to put it shortly. I will give details about either forms, regarding a future Pokémon project I have in mind:

    • are introduced in Pokémon Colosseum and returns in Pokémon XD, Pokken (with Shadow Mewtwo) and Pokémon GO (in a slightly different capacity). Their Shadow Moves are always super effective against non-Shadow Pokémon, but not very effective against Shadow Pokémon. This time, in my future Pokémon project, all of the Shadow Pokémon are fully corrupted, …
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  • Samtendo09

    Update: Requests are now closed! I will complete the remaining accepted requests.

    Despite being called Lineart request, the requests done will also have colors, just no shading.

    Been a while that I didn't do any requests, and I decided that today I will do 'em. Here's a twist though; your request should also have a form they never officially had before!

    • One character per request, and one request per person. No exceptions! You may allow multiple choices for me to select, though.
    • As obviously stated, you also have to give him or her a new form they never had before. It could be from any sort of transformation, even from unaffiliated franchise, so go wild with the suggestion! (Within Safe-for-work limitations, of course.)
      • A form request whose char…

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  • Samtendo09

    Today (the March 8th 2020) is my 25th anniversary! In other words, I am now 25 years old - yeah, that's high among the users here - and while I do not know what I will get for my birthday (except maybe a watch, as my old one is broken last year), I will surely enjoy it as I will eat at a restaurant in noon. And then celebrate my birthday in the house of my father-in-law's sister to eat hot dogs.

    By the way, this is also Gold-sans mobile's birthday as well. Happy birthday for you, Gold!

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  • Samtendo09

    With more than one franchise pandering to nostalgia, be it in the right way or to rub off creativity for sake of marketing, or pander to any other audience... One thing for sure, some companies are known to be unpredictable while some others doesn't let go the past.

    This blog is about giving your piece of mind about a franchise or game that pandered a certain audience done right, and on the opposite spectrum, another franchise or game that pandered one too specific audience, or that overdid the pandering.

    I will get the obvious negative out of the way; the mainline Pokémon games had overdone the Kanto pandering lately, and spin-offs, TCG, unrelated artworks and even the anime (aside of Pokémon Go's initial release) was much more varied when …

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  • Samtendo09

    Plenty of video game controversies already existed since the 80's, but it seems that more and more are cropped up in the late '10s as well. This starts to worry me about the future of video games as a whole, but I know that some really big gems like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate exists.

    So the question is; do you really think the video game media is going to be in a bigger and more severe jeopardy, or would it still have chances for improvement, even by few companies? Mobile gaming is it's own category because of what it have is the way it is and should be answered differently.

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