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    (Don't take this too seriously, s'alright?)

    Dear users of Fantendo,

    For much time now my close pal User: Simpson55 clone has expressed deep feelings of frustation and unrestness on the account of her being one of the most ignored and neglected users in this here site.

    So, as a public service announcement I advise you all dear readers of this very blog to make this poor underprivileged and downtrotten girl's dream come true before her inevitable demise by officially earning her the title as "most controversial person on this site".

    "But how can I help?" you may ask yourself, why it's very easy my dear friend, just do as everyone elses does in this wonderful modern interconnected world: by spreading fake rumors about her on social media of cours…

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  • SamStation

    Question of the year

    December 28, 2018 by SamStation

    Quick poll for personal purposes: what's the best band?

    Queen, Beatles or Rolling Stones??

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    Have memes gone to far?

    September 29, 2018 by SamStation

    Over the course of these few days, between people drawing Bowser as Peach but with a very impressive chest getting it on with Mario and people harassing Sakurai requesting him to add in the new Smash game a character created in five minutes while taking a dump meant to be nothing else but a tennis partner for Wario I can't help but to ask you my very dear users of Fantendo...

    Have memes gone to far?

    Will Nintendo surrender and make the fans happy?

    Will irony take over our world destroying any form of sincerity?

    Will comedy die forever in favor of our memes overlords?

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  • SamStation

    Greetings gates, It's your very own Samstation.

    If you recall (or not) back in 2016 me and my friend User:Simpson55 clone had one ambitious dream: to start here on Fantendo an international singing contest that would unite us all in these divided times called Fantendo vision, ignoring completely the fact that something like that already existed in here. User_blog:SamStation/Introducing_Fantendovision

    Alas, the project went nowhere. But this year we're back and it's going to be different: Introducing the "Fantendo Flag Competition"!

    The rules are simple: choose a country's flag and make it better! You're allowed to redesign the flag you chose any way you wish, no restrictions in creativity!

    You're allowed to choose only one flag and you can't p…

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    I know this blog is going to be completely pointless but I've been so behind the trail lately and I need some updatin', so...

    Anyways, what do you guys think about wikia's (or should I say Fandom [or should I say Buzzfeed 2.0]) newest changes? I've been passively aware of them for a few months now but I'm sure things have been this way for a longer while all ready. When did wikia decide to change its name all of a sudden and became even more confusing than before? Do you like it better or not this way? Are there other changes I'm not aware of?

    (Also, not to start a conversation or anything, that isn't my intent, but... talk pages still suck ass, just my two cents....) 

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