sooo, this is pretty self explanatory. the second event for the Spooky Scary Fantendo Showcase, a writing competition. so basically, you write based on the given topic and after the end date, there is voting for who had written the best article / story.

so, the topic is really just: anything vaguely scary. you have to actually TRY to make it spooky, so yeah. you can write a story, an article, or really anything so long as it's genuine and has effort put into it. so yeah.

you have until the 24th to finish it. you need to publish your thing on its own article.

after the 24th there will be voting, which will end on the 31st.

so yeah, have fun! sign up here so i know if youre going to be part of it.

oh, also, once you've created the article, please link it in the comments so i can know that it exists

people signed up

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