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  • RegisviBrittania


    We just finished creating the first robot of a series of next-gen ones. We called it S. C. Y. P. L. O. "Super Computer and Ported Living Origin". It's the first of a large series. We are also proud of creating another robot based on Scyplo as a clone, B. E. T. O. L. P. Y. This is sure a huge success.


    You don't know how much we regret it. We took Scyplo to test him. Then, Betolpy... the other robot... broke out of his capsule. He saw we were starting the preparations to destroy him. He... destroyed his chamber. Then... he took our cloning machine, and disappeared along with our most advanced vehicle.

    We saw everything destroyed. Our projects, our illusions, our future.

    Where did his A. I. get wrong? What did we do?

    But we ar…

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  • RegisviBrittania


    October 23, 2010 by RegisviBrittania

    Well, on the chat, me and Ice were normally chating. YE was there, but he wasn't telling much. After that, something happened to him...

    [09:39] I can't hold this in any longer

    [09:39]  :o [09:41] I don't really know how to put this

    [09:42] um

    [09:42] OK

    [09:42] last night

    [09:42] I went over to my cousin's house for his surprise birthday party

    [09:43] and what happened?

    [09:43]  :o

    [09:43] and after I left

    [09:43] and I was in the car

    [09:43] And I looked out the window

    [09:43] and

    [09:43] no, forget it

    [09:43] You won't believe me for a second


    [09:43] ...

    [09:43] go on

    [09:43] I will

    [09:43]  :o

    [09:44] ok

    [09:44] I guess

    [09:44] but

    [09:44] but then I saw something

    [09:44] ...WHAT

    [09:44] no

    [09:44] forget it

    [09:44] ..


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  • RegisviBrittania

    Uh, yeah, name says it all... should i do one again?

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  • RegisviBrittania

    I have seen latery various list of some peoples favorite Mario music. So, i now do the same, except i list my favorite Pokemon music. Here is list of them...

    Game: Pokemon Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver
    When it plays: During fight with a Frontier Brain

    Game: Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum
    When it plays: During fight with Champion Cynthia

    Game: Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum
    When it plays: During fight with your Rival

    Game: Pokemon Heart Gold, Soul Silver
    When it plays: At Route 38
    (i don't really know …

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  • RegisviBrittania

    Well, i'm now back from vacation. They were pretty good, just to let you know. Also, today is my birthday. :)

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