So yeah, the blog name says pretty much. I'm now working rather hard on Robo Madness, so i am going to make the contest. In the contest, you can make your own robot, using this:

  • Name: Obvious, isn't it?
  • Programmed Gender: Altrought robots don't have genders, they can be programmed to have one. If you want to make a genderless robot, just skip this.
  • Element: Element of the robot. You can choose these elements: Thunder, Earth, Shadow, Wind, Nature, Light, Fire, Water, Rock, Ice.
  • Weapon: A weapon which the robot primaly uses.
  • Personality: A description of the character's personality.
  • Appearance: Either write how they are supposed to look, or just give an image.
  • Notes: Anything other that isn't in other sections. You can also write history there.

Well, that's it. The three best robots will in the upcoming Robo Madness game. Do your best! :D

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