Hai again! This time, we resolve another plot shit, and kill bandits with our fantastic brigade. And we get an awesome item for Lyn!

And what does it mean for me?

Oh my, we are going to talk with ghosts? : o

Aw, i wanted to start the quest already. D:

Chapter staart...

Gimme gimme gimme gimme...

I just want to continue!

Ooooh, can we take it?

Hey, we have the best journey ever! We could of take it, and kill everyone who dares to attack us!

Eh, since you really want to go to the altar...


Noow... in the altar...

Learn to respect your elders!

Erm, what's that?

K, thanks for saying.

But... but... D:

And what did i say before?

Uh, idk?

Have good time fighting, you two.

Ego alert.

Hahahahah. You have some tough competition, bud!


And what did you imagine? A magical stick?


Pffft, what a weakling.

I have judged him too. He sucks.

Maybe i can take it then? :3

Somebody's a bit mad...

Evil speech incoming?

Oh shit.

Yeah, altrought one of us doesn't want to... *coughmecough*

The man from before?

How dare they! This sword should belong to us, not to this all ego and revenge dude!

She just said that they are...

Reckless charge into the altar?

But we have no money!


What? You want us to /raid/ on them? *sigh* Give me sec, i will get the disguises...

Whew, that's better...

Anyway, i guess i should explain a thing about houses. Basically, if you visit them, you will get some helpful info. However, you can sometimes find bigger, red, houses, which are villages. Instead of giving info, they give you items, and in rare cases, characters!

I, however, am skipping the dialogue in the houses, so...

You see this fort thingy? It's a special tile, and if you step on it, you can receive bonuses. You can see what bonuses in lower right part of screen. As you can see, when you are on fort, you receive 20 avoid and 2 defence.

Yay for killing first enemy on map.

And now... here is a cracked wall. In lower left corner, you can check the wall's HP. If it runs out of it completly, this part of wall will be destroyed, and thus, you can go.

Finally, resistance!

Ewww, what a shitty level up.

Time to kill some boss~

Boss killer.


And so, he is killed.

That's better.

Time to seize!

Some guy pushed him to the wall. I wonder how he coulnd't get hurt..

That's a sturdy old man you have there.

MAGIC. (hopes that there won't be any Friendship is Magic jokes...)

Oh my goooosh, we will get something? :3


Hurry up, ok?



Soo, there is still use that we can use it?


Oh come on, just do it...

Oooh, the suspence!


Wishes can come true :3

Timeeee to kill some bandits!

Evildoers shall die!

I am sooo going to overuse this sword :3

Ooooh, what's happening here?

Hint: They are talking about Lyn.

And me!

We are veeeery dangerous.

We pwned some bandits before, we can PWN more.

This dude seems like a power-hungry guy...

Poison? Overrused.

He trusts /that/ guy? He doesn't look really trustworthy...

Knowing these games, we will be in time to save him.

Yeah, right.

Well, that's it for this part! In next part, we shall get some more people to our little brigade, and defeat some more brigands.

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