Welcome back! No subtitle in this part, sadly. Anyway... i was wrong. SO MUCH TEXT. Had to cut, like, loads of it... including Lyn's backstory. You may get to know it later, thought.

Yay for main characters. Also, apprentice? I AM a tactican, not apprentice tactican!

What the? Even the narrator makes fun of me!

Hooray for big cities.

Oh my gosh.

Detective Uil, tracking the fate.


Doesn't really look that bit, but i guess it will do...

Yeah, but you are a simple nomad, while i am just a tactican! We have, like, no money!

Oh, hello, Green Guy.

We aren't going anywhere...

What? Get the fuck out of there! She's traveling with me!

A flirting bastard who takes away companions!

First time i hear about it.

You will totally be on fire if you won't go away.

Woah, that's cruel.

Can't you just go?



He probably wanted Lyn for himself.

Hah, i sense the green guy is gonna get shouted at.

Ooooh, tell.

Nice excuse.

A mystery, it is...

Yay, our return!

Move out already.

Seems like he is more... well... not flirtous to girls?

Poor Sain, being insulted by both Lyn and Kent.

You aren't a nomad, so rather not.

See? She doesn't know you!


Yeah, i agree totally.

Bye guys.

Then like WHAT?


I expect some shouting.

Told ya.

Be who?


Ugh... they are quite fast...

Eh, maybe...

Erm, if anything... you know where to hide?

Oh shit.

Don't tell me you are flirting with her too!

Erm... no, there's no Lyndis there! Her name is... uh... Leaf?

Blast, he almost belived that!

Are you insulting us!?!

Haha. Time for YOU to die.

...Great. Just that what we needed.

Erm... maybe we shall wait for a miracle?

That's good :)

  • sigh* Don't tell me that more of them are there!

Yeah, that idea kinda sucks...

You are on horse... how hard it is to catch up one girl?

He's here to kill us...

Seems like Sain got angry. Or is trying to flirt again...

Have fun with it...

No, they want to invite us to a tea party. SARCASM

Just decide already!


Yay, more people to command!


Say yes, say yes!


I think Lyn just said that?

Uhh... fine?

Seems like a simple map.

Hmm... seems like a quite bad matchup... but i guess we will risk it?



He does not have a sword!

Yeah, but you care about it in FIGHT?

Kent really likes to insult Sain...

Oh my.

Le gasp. I really din't expect it. sarcasm

Kent, can you read minds or what?

Item get! Dun Dun Dun! Anyway, you want the reason why Sain had so low accurancy, and bandit got a bigger chance? It's because of the weapon triangle. Swords beat Axes, Lances beat Swords, and Axes beat Lances. If you have weapon triangle advantage, you get more accurancy and power, but if you are at disadvantage... you get lower accurancy and power.

Now, since Sain is wounded, i decided to heal him with a spare Vulnerary that Lyn got.

Anyway, you see that one Vulnerary has got 3 near it, and other has 2. It's like that because each item and weapon have limited uses. If they lose all of uses, they are broked, and gone forever. And so, it means you have to buy a few, as you can't win the game with no weapons.

Healing power go!

Now let's get to killing the boss!

Hmm, not that bad matchup...

However, i think i will let him attack me, and if she is wounded, i will just heal her.

But it seems like it's not the case, as she succefuly avoided enemy's attack.

Meh. Kinda bad level up, but...

And now Sain gets the kill!

Hmm, that's a little better.

And that's the end of part 2! In the second part, Lyn will get a really good item...

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