Hello thereeee. This thing seemed cool, so... decided i would do a screenshot LP. Not Pokemon, like the others, thought! Starring Uil the sarcastic Tactican, and Lyn, a nomadic girl, Fire Emblem!

Yay. Title Screen excitement go!

Only one command avaible.

Pretty smart name for a prolouge chapter, don't you think?


Would be cool if something like that was avaible in real life!

How easy.

My name is not Mark!

Of course yes! I am not going to be named Mark!

If it was not obvious...


Epic screen of epic.

Aaaaah! I am in hell!

I don't even know you!

My memory is not that bad... anyway, i am Uil.


Yay :D

Why, yes, i am. Going there and there.

Oh, girl, it's a veeeery long stor-

Erm... idk?

I don't have that much of a choice anyway...

The horror! Two unshirted brutes!

Yeah, good luck with that.

Can you even fight? Maybe you could use some of my assistance.

What? No! I am a tactican...

Can you stop saying i am weird?


Yes, i can see these two unshirted idiots.

Mmm, alright.

Soo, here is our Lyn...

Over here is... someome with an stupid name...

Thanks for stating the obvious.

It's not that hard to see a girl running around the plains!

Nooooow, attack!

Now, i guess i should explain... This thing first up is HP. Secondly, there is how much damage you and your enemy are going to do each other. Nextly, there is how big is chance to attack the enemy, and vice versa. Lastly, there is a chance of critical hit. A critical hit means that you can attack with tripled power.

Good luck hitting her.

Enemy dead! Also, Lyn, why you let yourself to be hurt!

Epic victory is epic.

Looking at your inventory, you have two.

I was right!

Yay for full health.

Oh shit. He can kill her in two hits.

Ego alert.

Yep. After all, you are almost dead!

Whew, she was almost killed!

Oh huh. Seems like Lyn is mad at someone.

Yay, he's dead!

Hahah. I am so enjoying it.

Now, it's time to explain the stats! First up, HP, but i guess it's obvious what it is? Then, there is strenght, quite obvious too. Now, skill. The more skill, the more chance to attack enemy. Speed... if you have atleast four more speed then enemy, you can double attack it, and it also matters for doubling. Luck matters for both attacks and critical attacks evading. Defence is needed, because without it, you can get killed quickly by weapons. Resistance means how much can you stand a magical attack.

Figured as much.

Now time to seize this... building.

I din't even fight!

Say, say, say!

But... it was my first fight!

Uh, alright, but shoulnd't you get permission from your parents?

I just said it...

Oh my.

If you could take on them... then your people had to be rather weak!

Would explain why it is so lonely there.

Yes, no more!


Mmm, true.

And thaaat is?

...Uh, ok?

Your welcome, i guess.

Yay for us!


Teh end of the part 1! In second part, we will see the beggining of Uil and Lyn's epic adventure. Let's hope it won't be that much text invaded!

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