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  • RegisviBrittania

    Apparently, because of some people who send offensive things though Nintendo Swapnote, the SpotPass function has been disabled...

    That's really stupid, because to send someone a letter, you now must use StreetPass and meet the person you want to send letter to in real life. Doesn't that, you know, kill the concept of letters?

    Oh, and this means that Fantendo Swapnote is going to be more dead than always...

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  • RegisviBrittania

    Hai again! This time, we resolve another plot shit, and kill bandits with our fantastic brigade. And we get an awesome item for Lyn!

    And what does it mean for me?

    Oh my, we are going to talk with ghosts? : o

    Aw, i wanted to start the quest already. D:

    Chapter staart...

    Gimme gimme gimme gimme...

    I just want to continue!


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  • RegisviBrittania

    Welcome back! No subtitle in this part, sadly. Anyway... i was wrong. SO MUCH TEXT. Had to cut, like, loads of it... including Lyn's backstory. You may get to know it later, thought.

    Yay for main characters. Also, apprentice? I AM a tactican, not apprentice tactican!

    What the? Even the narrator makes fun of me!

    Hooray for big cities.

    Oh my gosh.

    Detective Uil, tracking the fate.


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  • RegisviBrittania

    Hello thereeee. This thing seemed cool, so... decided i would do a screenshot LP. Not Pokemon, like the others, thought! Starring Uil the sarcastic Tactican, and Lyn, a nomadic girl, Fire Emblem!

    Yay. Title Screen excitement go!

    Only one command avaible.

    Pretty smart name for a prolouge chapter, don't you think?


    Would be cool if something like that was avaible in real life!

    How easy.


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  • RegisviBrittania

    So yeah, the blog name says pretty much. I'm now working rather hard on Robo Madness, so i am going to make the contest. In the contest, you can make your own robot, using this:

    • Name: Obvious, isn't it?
    • Programmed Gender: Altrought robots don't have genders, they can be programmed to have one. If you want to make a genderless robot, just skip this.
    • Element: Element of the robot. You can choose these elements: Thunder, Earth, Shadow, Wind, Nature, Light, Fire, Water, Rock, Ice.
    • Weapon: A weapon which the robot primaly uses.
    • Personality: A description of the character's personality.
    • Appearance: Either write how they are supposed to look, or just give an image.
    • Notes: Anything other that isn't in other sections. You can also write history there.


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