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    toys were us

    June 30, 2018 by RTA fan

    as of today, all toys r us stores in the united states will be shut down. all near-800 of them

    the canadian stores got bought out so they can keep operating as toys r us though

    i'm pretty sure quite a lot of people here have at least some memory of going into toys r us at least once

    and now geoffrey the giraffe has ascended

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  • RTA fan

    comment below and get replies with what people like about you i guess

    also if anyone makes a "negative" parody of this i will personally send a letter to nintendo asking them to patch out balloon world in mario odyssey

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  • RTA fan

    so, this is something i've had in the works for quite a while now but have never made an announcement for

    I'm working on an anthology series based on characters from around the world. The series is called RTAnthology and I decided to do it cause I come up with way too many ideas for characters way too fast so I thought to myself "Hey, why not an anthology series?" and started writing stuff down.

    I have characters planned, including:

    • Tracy Doyle and Lucas Columbus - Leaders of rivaling street gangs in New York who, after a near-death experience caused by each others' most trusted comrades, turn on their gangs. The two, despite all their bad blood over the past few years, reluctantly team up in an effort to take down their ex-handymen and save …
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  • RTA fan

    so, modern sonic's pretty damn polarising. that jump from 3d hasn't sat well with quite a lot of people. but, i do have a question for you

    which of the modern sonic games from adventure to now which one's your favourite?

    (i'm not including mania bc it was more of a classic game)

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    April 4, 2018 by RTA fan

    i've been here 3 years now

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