A woman is seen going over a script, in front of a camera and appearing confused.

Woman: Bobby, why are you trying to advertise us as PG-13?
Bobby: We're rolling, LaGina.
LaGina: Oh shit!

LaGina throws the script away as she clears her throat.

LaGina: Hello, my name is LaGina-


LaGina: -Taylor Hill, and welcome to Wreckless Wrestling. We are the premier place for PG-13 sports entertainment.

A clip is then shown of LaGina and another wrestler cursing each other out over a title.

LaGina: (under her breath) ...Definitely PG-13.

LaGina looks at the off-camera crew and shrugs before it cuts to her in an arena, sitting on the turnbuckle.

LaGina: Our roster hosts some of the elite athletes currently in the country, including the colossal Ant-


LaGina: -Brutus and his deadly piledrivers, The Lunartic and myself.

Clips are then shown of the three performing spectacular moves and celebrating victories before it goes back to LaGina on the turnbuckle, as Brutus comes in himself.

Brutus: Are you lot doing that bloody ad promo?
LaGina: Ant, don't ruin it.
Ant: What're you gonna do about it, Cox?

LaGina looks at the crew before she gets off the turnbuckle and squares up to Ant.

Bobby: LaGina, what're you-

LaGina delivers a Hurricanrana to Ant as the screen goes to black.



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