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RTA fan RTA fan 10 October 2020

the "hey this guy was still admin?" blog

i've stepped down as an admin

i'm now just gonna be a mod on the discord

honestly i lost the drive to really do much on the wiki a while ago (as if my edit log didn't indicate that) but i've been somewhat active in the discord

well, i'm leaving all my guys free-to-use. i'm working on a reboot of the rtaverse offsite anyway (which i'll post in the discord for anyone interested) for the sake of just being able to do whatever with it

and with that, i say goodbye to adminship

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RTA fan RTA fan 8 July 2020

the "i can drink in america now" birthday

i'm 21 now

i dont plan on getting wasted anyway but it's still something i can do now

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RTA fan RTA fan 26 January 2020

Kobe Bryant has died at age 41

i don't really know what else to say. i know most people on the wiki don't follow basketball or sports in general but this is still a huge tragedy.

you're gonna be missed, black mamba

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RTA fan RTA fan 8 July 2019

rta: 20th anniversary edition

im 20 now good and fun times i think

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RTA fan RTA fan 4 July 2019

happy america day and shit

its probably ironic that a british guy is making a blog about a day where the americans became independent from the british but leave me alone happy day of being american and shit

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