Meet Galarian Ponyta in Pokémon Shield! 🛡️

Meet Galarian Ponyta in Pokémon Shield! 🛡️

So, as you all know, that 24hr Glimwood Tangle Stream brought us this My Little Pony Pokemon and they've shown us some gameplay of Galarian Ponyta.

For some info if some of you are too lazy to read the Sw/Sh Website here it is a Physic type Pokemon, (wierd).

Apparently Ponyta were exposed to "life energies" from the forests of Galar many generations ago and that actually changed their appearance. They store these life energy in thier fluffy manes, if there is alot of these energy, the mane glows.

It's ability is Pastel Veil, where the Pokemon and it's allies cannot be poisoned, and if one of the Pokemon's allies were already poisoned, well, it cures it. Also I just saw it has Run Away as an Ability too!

It's also a Pokemon Shield Exclusive and the counterpart to Sirfetch'd.

Imo, Pokemon looks great, it's kinda wierd to me why it's not Fairy type but ok, I do hate how it's a counterpart of Sirfetch'd though, really wanted both on my team, altough there might be a Galarian Farfetch'd (I think Kantonian Farfetch'd was revealed in Sw/Sh awhile ago but correct me on that if i'm wrong)  Oh yeah, now that I mention Shield version, I might get that since Allister looks cool and now this cute looking Ponyta is in. (also a shame since I wanted Zacian, cause it looks cool) still no offical Impidimp reveal in a Research Update though, but we did get an offical reveal so meh.

So what are your opinions, comment down below!

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