yep. this again.

some of you may remember the drill but for those that don't, Fantendo Labyrinth is a Diablo-esque dungeon crawler game. teams of four go into the massive dungeons below the surface, battle enemies, and return with loot! who doesn't like good ol' fashioned loot?

below are the relevant signup sheets and character list.

Signup Sheet

  • Name: obvious
  • Stats: you get 150 points to spread between 5 stats.
    • HP: how much health you have
    • Strength: how hard you can hit
    • Defense: how hard you can get hit
    • Speed: base movement speed
    • Energy: energy points are used for special attacks. more energy, more to draw from.
  • Special Attack: technically these can be non-attacking techniques too, but eh
  • Special Gear: can be a weapon or armor. armor types are head, torso, arms, legs, and other (accessories basically)

Character List

  • Unten
  • Zerita
  • Mioda
  • Volt
  • Thorn
  • Abigail
  • General Scotch
  • Latti and Aegis
  • King Ash
  • Cyubon
  • Smile
  • Finnigan
  • Sadisilea
  • Guaptain
  • Amelia
  • The Rook
  • Henry the Moose
  • 3.14
  • Leah Needlenam
  • Reese
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