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PabloDePablo PabloDePablo 9 November 2018

GAME OF THE LAST 11 MONTHS OR SO: Let's Figure It Out! presented by Gamer Fuel

so it's getting to be that time of year again when the air gets nippy and the turkey hops down the chimney and all the big video gamesmen pull another duty call from their bountiful pouch! but it's not quite that time of year, my friends. geoff keighley hasn't emerged from a smoking crater at the ends of the earth to begin his pilgrimage to the game awards.

all this is a fancy way of saying that it's time to start talking about our favorite games of the year! i feel like 90% of us are gonna pick smash come december so i'm taking non-official action to start this discussion early, get some variety going. so, from a distinctly november-y standpoint, what's your GOTY for 2018?

it came out very recently but i played basically all day for the la…

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PabloDePablo PabloDePablo 13 January 2018

You, Me, And Where This Big Crazy Fantendoverse Is Heading

hey y'all, it's your boy pab! now that Days of Victory is wrapping up (and you should absolutely go read it ASAP if you haven't, exo nailed it!) i wanted to make a little post about where the new fantendoverse project will be going these next few months, and also do some Q&A.

to start i'd like to apologize for not engaging with the community enough and not putting out a lot of articles. working on mobile can suck but i can't expect you all to do all the work in communication and whatnot. to be entirely honest with you, i do have another reason for not being terribly active, but i want to be clear that i'm not trying to weasel my way out of being inactive, it's just my thought process. i've been working on what comes next with exo's help …

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PabloDePablo PabloDePablo 5 June 2017

running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign!(?)

eyyy it's your pal pabbo! here with a fresh new blog!

between a lot of factors, i've decided to try my hand at hosting a D&D Fifth Edition campaign. this blog is mostly to gauge community interest; character sheets and fancy tutorials will come later but for now just tell let me know if you've got a deep, unyielding thirst for rolling fake dice amongst friends. some ground rules to inform things;

  • i have a unique setting planned out for this campaign but this is my first time playing and i'm guessing maybe it'll be yours too so i'll run some quick practices to get us started
  • sessions will take pretty much whenever we can all agree to set aside some time, i'll host a chat for this stuff (via chatzy for now?)
  • ideally we're looking at 5 - 6 play…
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PabloDePablo PabloDePablo 9 March 2017

My review of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

No game has time and time again captured my curiosity like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I ask myself a lot of questions while playing. What's on top of that mountain? What would it take to climb it? What's the key to solving this Shrine? How do I approach this enemy?

This is a game that respects your intelligence through and through. There's a massive world, full of puzzles, quests, challenges, characters who feel real. Many open world adventures focus on the word "open"; Breath of the Wild is one of the first, to me, that really puts the focus on making a world.. It's not the fight against ancient evil that makes it hard to put the game down, but rather, the little touches that bring Hyrule to life. The joy of discovering…

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PabloDePablo PabloDePablo 31 May 2016


holy shit i still have opinions about video games!!!!

Sunset Overdrive is a 2014 Xbox-exclusive shooter by Insomniac Games, who you might know as the minds behind the first three Spyro games, or as the creators of Ratchet and Clank. A good comparison to make might be a sort of modern Jet Set Radio, or Tony Hawk's Pro Skater if Tony Hawk decided to have guns. Players grind, bounce, wall-run, and dash their way through the post-apocalyptic Sunset City, fighting off mutants, raiders, and robots in a vaguely anti-consumerism story.

i've had passing experiences with sunset overdrive until recently. a brief glimpse in an E3 trailer that declared heroism easy because "it's a fucking video game" had be a little interested. getting to play around…

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