Well, looks like voting is over. Let's see the top five who got the most votes...


First place: Ringabel; Bravery Default (5 votes; suggested by Pyrostar (tbc))

Second place: Callie & Marie; Splatoon (4 votes; suggested by KirbyPKMNInkling (tbc))

Third place: Doomguy; DOOM (4 votes; suggested by Mirai Moon (tbc))

Fourth place: Cuphead; Cuphead (4 votes; suggested by EnderLegends (tbc))

And finally...fifth place: Yooka & Laylee; Yooka & Laylee (2 votes; suggested by Mirai Moon (tbc))

So to the other suggested characters...Elma (1 vote; suggested by IncarnateParanoia (tbc)), Risky Boots (1 vote; suggested by Exotoro (tbc)), Toon Zelda (1 vote; suggested by WesternSkies (tbc)), Adam Malkovich (0 votes; Mirai Moon (tbc)), Captain Syrup (0 votes; suggested by Mirai Moon (tbc)), and Purah (0 votes; suggested by WesternSkies (tbc)) all did not make the cut.

So yeah, expect the top five to appear in the second DLC wave and in the game's roster.

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