Nutter Butter

aka Pokemon Master

  • I live in Johto
  • I was born on November 18
  • My occupation is Training Pokemon and attempting to become the greatest Pokemon Trainer ever! Also writing fanfiction, singing songs, and making artwork.
  • I am MALE. Yes, Tegan, I'M A BOY.
  • Nutter Butter

    Nutz at the Olympics

    December 22, 2012 by Nutter Butter

    Well, I'm bored, and I need to come up with a spin-off for Nutz anyway, so I thought that it was a possibility that someone could do a BLANK & Nutz at the Olympic Games with me, or something similar (maybe some type of "Party" or "Kart"). Anyone?

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  • Nutter Butter

    Super Nutzo 2

    December 21, 2012 by Nutter Butter

    Since Super Nutzo is all but done, I thought I'd publish some small ideas for Super Nutzo here until I actually make it. First up...

    3D artwork for Nuz and the gang. Plus, Nutz's new friend Flicky's 3D art.

    EDIT: I'm probably going to stick with 2D art. Despite the fact that Nutz and Flicky (now Cheeko) came out pretty well (though I'm sure most of you will disagree), I don't think I can do Kate, Oake, or Karritz. If anyone wants to help, then I may use it still.

    Story idea for the new game.

    While Nutz, Oake, Kate, and Karritz are hanging out, a small bird plummets to the ground in front of them. Nutz asks her what's going on, but discovers that she can't speak Squirrelish. Karritz, who speaks Birdish, translates that her name is Cheeko. Her f…

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  • Nutter Butter

    Scavenger Hunt

    December 17, 2012 by Nutter Butter

    I want to do a "Fantendo Scavenger Hunt". So firstly, I need to know if I can- or if maybe an admin/sysop/crat/something can run it instead. Secondly, if I can run it, I need images of your characters that look like they're talking. Of course, I may or may not use your character- depends on how many clues I have. And then I may just have to use Unten over and over again. =/ But if not, yay. And thirdly, I'll be making a lot of edits once I get started so I need you to just ignore it, because that'll show you ahead of time where the clues are, and that's just cheating. Of course, that's assuming that you're going to cooperate, I have a feeling most of you (I'm looking at you, Sora) won't.

    But just tell me if I can/give me some photos. The fi…

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  • Nutter Butter

    Mystery of Cifia

    November 1, 2012 by Nutter Butter

    I want to make a horror-ish fanfic, and I need your characters.

    In the fic, 28 fancharacters go on a cruise ship. But an odd storm hits, and they are crashed onto a strange island known as Cifia. They find it uninhabited by any sentient beings (though odd Civers live there), but one-by-one, they all go missing. Will they be able to discover what's going on before it's too late?

    Sign up ONE (and only one) fancharacter, please, and know that your character MAY be killed off.

    If you already know what's going on in the story please don't reveal it, it ruins all of my fun.

    • Sylvia Winters -
    • YonenBooe -
    • Donovan -
    • Sheyna -
    • Strafe -
    • Speedy -
    • 3.14 -
    • Bombell -
    • Lunes the Cat -
    • Princess Mimi -
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  • Nutter Butter

    Yes, Fan-Lympics.

    I made these when I was first here, I recently discovered JesseRoo made them again a little more recently, and I'm sure someone else made them even more recently.

    My only requirements:

    • They must have a page.
    • You must have at least three in each sport.

    Anyway, sign-up your characters. Preferably give me three or four different series, and put each character onto one of the following sports:

    • Running (Hurdles, 100m, ect.)
    • Swimming (Any swimming sport)
    • Long Jump (Any long jump sport)
    • Throwing (Javelin, discus, hammer, ect.)
    • Trampoline
    • Archery
    • Special (These I will kind of make up.)

    Each user that wants to sign up should have a few characters in each category- the least is 3 and the most is 15. You don't have to have every team, if you don…

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