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  • Inkbuster is laughing his butt off with modded games. Suddenly, he is knocked over by a new person a long-time worker who's only a new character because we only really saw a few who joined Ragtag Refusal.
  • Unknown new character: Hey. Mr. Yokai's got something for you to show.
  • Inkbuster: Wait. When did YOU come over here?
  • Unknown new character: We've been working here for a long time. Name's Ide. Pronounce it like ID. The other workers, well...
    • Sooshi Mister, the rather toasty Mash Burner who serves the food. Because.
    • Tatterchops, the cool dude who just so happens to be shoehorned because he's that cool.
    • Haki, the weird broom creature who's just there sweeping the floor.
    • And more...
  • Inkbuster: Uh. I've met them before. Except Haki. Who is he?
  • Ide: Just go meet Mr. Yokai.
  • later...
  • Mr. Yokai: So, we were to release a new console called the Unearth.
  • Inkbuster: Tell me about this "Unearth"! At least it's not, uh, Tagalong! Blah and BOO!
  • Mr. Yokai: The Unearth was a console that was like a Nintendo Switch, except it can be highly modified. Different controllers, different modifications. And... boom. You can have your own controller and there's right-hand support if you need it. But... I think we can't really do that at the moment. Sorry. Thus, we'll see if we can get some games on the Modulo. It's like the Switch, but groundbreaking.
  • Inkbuster: Okay, what about the spurkly samma fester?!
  • Mr. Yokai: Ahem! Good point. The content? Well, first, lemme just say this...

Welcome to the make-up Latest Sew for what happened during the Sparkling Summer Fest!

TOON YOU OUT (again)
There's been a change in plans lads
(idk the genre)
Learn more about the Favole Kotomo here!
Finally, actual info on the cards!
The second D&B mod that lacks Dave & Bambi?!
It's the most elaborate 2D platformer maker
Change of plans, en route!
Still not revealing it!
Waluigi steps out of his shadow, and into his game!

But first... let's go over the small things I want to talk about!

The Small Things

  • New Games (that I don't have much planned in store for)
    • My last monster-catching game in development will be called Subspace Utilization! I don't have much information on what the game will be like, but let's just say it's something like DragonVale with a twist in it (it's not monster-catching that's the twist, and it's not monster-catching at all).
      • Also, Pokémon GO Dex is now simply going to be add starters, add Bounce-type and Music-type Pokémon, add cross-generational evolutions, add extras that could be fun to play around with (mostly those with type combinations that have been performed either only one or zero times) or things that I couldn't pull off in Hi Kotomo, add legendaries, done. That's the Pokémon side of things though, there'll still be plenty of upgrades to vanilla GO in this fanon page.
    • Poppy Playtime: Stasis! My take on Poppy Playtime that (hopefully) has more mature storytelling elements in it, and a more unique gameplay style compared to all those other indie horror games.
    • I'm making my take on Mario Strikers Battle League. The page? Uh... how do I make it NOT a list page? Do I just slap on stuff to the game and present it in like the page for Bowser's Fury? Yeah! Let's do JUST that, without being too pander-y to the previous game! Confirming characters that aren't obvious choices for Mario Strikers: Battle League like Birdo as to not have to remove a character when all of the sudden they're confirmed for the next wave of characters, like Rango, Greenie, and Lord Fredrik! Confirming multiple goalkeepers! Basically, confirming what would spice the game up some more to make it not just soccer!... which wasn't really my original plans, actually.
      • Also featuring the fact that instead of Strike (Super Mario Strikers), as the game calls it, it's just Mario's way of soccer with friends! Because it's like calling Mario's way of baseball Slug in Mario Super Sluggers! For those unaware, during Training, Fútbot states this: "The GSF has asked me to instruct you on the basics of Strike."
  • OG Games
    • Extranormal is going through serious idea drought, but I really don't want to throw it away. What should I do with it? Honestly I don't know at this point. If anyone can help me figure out what to do, tell me.
    • Yes, Starshot Levelworld is still in production. I at first considered scrapping it, but after looking back at the Fairylights, I decided not to do so- though I am confirming that Sue Kami will be moving to Pojinn with a new role that I haven't yet decided. Starshot Levelworld will still be a 3D platformer game with elaborate weapon movesets, though. The enemies are going to get redesigned depending on how I feel about them,
    • A Bubbly G. Medley's still going, I just can't find the inspiration to do it. Be patient; soon we'll finally see Bubbly G. have a true moveset.
    • Five More Nights at Freddy's might be revived since I actually liked the mechanics of the original game I made for it. However, it'll instead be based on you visiting various other animatronic places (not just Fazbear's Pizzeria). Many, MANY different ways to defend from them are in bound, along with malevolent secrets hiding in each one of them. This won't be linked to FNaF lore, so expect those weird Fazbear Frights monsters to come.


I kinda thought of the idea of Mugman shifting between his cartoon and anime form and then went, hey, Cheryl's based off of the main character of Long Gone Gulch and I really can't think of a better design for Cheryl otherwise. Then it got wackier as I suddenly realized that I couldn't think of anything good for the third character that'll make them unique. And then it kinda set off a chain reaction that made me realize that maybe just simply using Mugman is a good idea. Yeah, it was. Plot changes are going to be abound to circumvent the loss of Cheryl, including the fact it's Mugman on himself to save Cuphead.

Aside from that, this is pretty much the shortest amount of info I'm going to give you for a game. You know what, nah, I'll just confirm that one of the bosses in Toon You Out will be a camera-based boss fight that utilizes plenty of camera manipulation and such to make the normally easy fight a nightmare to complete with how much distortion goes on.


Years or perhaps centuries ago, there was a kingdom of wizard and witches, feared for having far more powerful spells than any other kingdoms.

Fear shifted into paranoia, paranoia poisoned people into finding ways to destroy them. They found a way to resist their magic, and with years of work, the raid started.

Unwilling to watch their daughter die, the king and the queen turned her into a potion recipe to live on even past the war.

This recipe would get more and more obscure as years passed, and it soon got labelled as a mere fairytale.

At least, until one day a boy named Aerie decides to prove that this myth is indeed real.

What's This Project About?

Pojinn is an alchemical side-scrolling adventure game in where Aerie proves to the world that the "Potion Princess" is real... and then tasks himself with helping Thyme "Pojinn" (the Potion Princess) learn about the new world around her. Such a revival gives Aerie fame, which Aerie is quick to realize is trouble for his simple goal of introducing one to the modern society. From clingy people who want to know him more (which he's against, by the way), to people against the discovery of Thyme's existence, Aerie will have to also somehow get the trouble his fame's causing to a bare minimum and making people treat him more normally.

Brew up special potions and let Pojinn utilize their effects into new power-ups for her, and even craft your own DIY potions to make your own boosts for her later in the game. You know I'm going to say this, but explore every corner of Garqe (gar-kwe) as to introduce Pojinn to the new world of Garqe and to hopefully encourage others to treat you more like a normal person.



It's the Favole Kotomos we're talking about! Finally, we can dig into the Favole Kotomos a bit more than usual! So, what on earth is a Favole Kotomo again? A Favole Kotomo is a type of Kotomo with a heart-star marking on it, located somewhere on their body. This marking is colored accordingly to their types, though this isn't the marking for natural Favole Kotomo. A natural Favole Kotomo always has that marking on them, and those markings take on unique colors never seen before. So... what sets a Favole Kotomo apart from other Kotomo even?

They actually get more powerful as your bond with it increases. Also, they'll be able to be great playmates with other Kotomo in Playtime mode. But what about the natural Favole Kotomo? Those have unique moves or abilities that scale with their friendship with you; the greater the bond, the better the power, though it'll take more than just care to get these Kotomo's bonds increased. In fact, we dare say it's lengthier to do so. Our first Favole Kotomo, though? Ahem!

Kotomo Information Abilities
The Heart Kotomo
0043 - Natural KotomoIn most situations, Defenaline's heart always beats at a consistent rate, no matter how severe of a situation Defenaline is put through. Its heartbeat only changes its rate near individuals it has bonded with, in this case always quickening to the point that sometimes their electric sacs have to redirect all their electricity in an effort to keep the Defenaline's heartbeat regulated. These electric sacs are, in fact, actually the spots on its wings; with a flap of them, it can release various helpful and near-harmless shocks capable of soothing pain and even being able to keep a heart beating for twenty-four hours for people grasping for life. If it gets clingy, the electric sacs will only end up shocking it; research has confirmed that indeed, this biological feature is meant to support it via discouraging these types of behaviors.

Does not advance.

Defenaline is based on a guardian angel, a heart, and love & care. Its name is a portmanteau of defibrillate, defend, and adrenaline.
Increases maximum HP of the first ally it's with by 10%. Amount of HP is boosted depending on friendship. At max friendship, it also applies the boost to the second ally it's with.
The Star Kotomo
0044 - Natural KotomoAs with Defenaline's heart beating faster near loved ones and such, Galondite's heart beats faster as it sees teamwork and friendships form- this beating, unlike Defenaline, is temporary, but it does show more potent effects than a Defenaline. Galondite has the ability to create miniature stars from its wings and to either launch them into the air or to juggle them around for entertainment value; if its heart rate goes up, these stars can also prove to be able of forming protective barriers that mysteriously only allow what it considers its friends inside. Just like Defenaline, Galondite does have restrictive measures should it be an overbearing, in where Galondite's power gets rained from it. Unlike Defenaline, there is no defined reason.

Does not advance.

Galondite is based on a guardian angel, a star, and friendships. Its name is a portmanteau of galactic, yonder (as in wild blue yonder), and favorite.
+20 Power to all of its moves at nighttime.

Galondite's signature move, Starfall, gets more powerful at nighttime- initially just a damage move, as you increase your bond with Galondite, you'll eventually see it bestow positive effects onto your teammates depending on the situation you're faced with.

On the other hand... we've found some rather interesting new Kotomo related to the Glitz and Melee type. Why don't you have a gander?

Kotomo Information Abilities
The Brainwave Kotomo
???? - Beach Kotomo
This stunningly human-like Kotomo is seen with their own wooden surfboards; where they get these surfboards is from any sort of woodcutter Kotomo they can find. With these surfboards, they can be seen using their psychic powers to make miniature waves out of the surface they're on, as long as the surface in question is capable of flowing smoothly, such as dirt or sand. They're even capable of making quick spikes in the ground below them to launch themselves up, though this ability in question only works under their feet. It is surprisingly not very common to see Cowyches perform against each other at all; Cowyches seem to rank each other based on how skilled they are in their tricks, which they are not very good at.

Can advance.

Cowyche is based off of brainwaves and a surfer. Its name is a portmanteau of cowabunga and psyche; it is meant toe be pronounced as something like "cow-why-kuh".
Burst of Life
Regains 50% of its HP when anyone creates Terrain when no Terrain is currently active.
The Fire Kotomo
???? - Jungle Kotomo
In nature, Moundupts are simply anthill-like Kotomo that store lava inside of them that they can erupt with if nearly stepped on and blast molten rocks into the air if . What's more intriguing is that they also host ant-like insects dubbed vurmeises. These vurmeis are not only highly heat-resistant, but also latch onto the rocks it fires into the air; thus, when they break, any vurmeises surviving can go out to bite whatever threatens their Moundupt and inflict minor singes that soon add up into a major one. Such a discovery soon lead to even more discoveries on non-Kotomo fauna living in Lylumie, and quickly these discoveries soon lead to the one that they're exclusive to Lylumie and nowhere else. The general consensus is that the creator of all the fauna of Lylumie had a bit of creativity, something not mentioned in ancient scriptures of the past.

Can advance.

Moundupt is based off of an anthill and a volcano. The vurmeises were an old concept Mr. Yokai had up in store of not making every single fauna in the Kotomo universe a Kotomo, since he felt as if it were too vanilla. Lastly, Moundupt is a Flame/Bug Kotomo because Mr. Yokai wanted some non-insect Bug-type Kotomo, hence its typing. Its name is a portmanteau of mound and erupt. Vurmeis is a portmanteau of vuur (a Dutch root for fire) and ameise (a German root for ant).


"Hey, where's the Tower Offense news?" you probably won't ask, but I'll answer anyway. Well. Am I good or confident or making cards that don't go into unbalanced territories? The answer is not good nor confident, but I guess I should get over these rocks and introduce you to some of the Bastions & Rogues you'll be expecting! But first, a general rundown for people who are just now getting to know Tower Offense!

What is Tower Offense?

Tower Offense is a tower defense card game where you either play as the Bastions or the Rogues; the Bastions represent the towers, and the Rogues represent the enemies. The Bastions must hold off from the attacks of the Rogues, until the game is over. Successfully doing so will net the Bastions a victory, while failing to net the Rogues a victory. Each Bastion and Rogue requires gold, with the Rogues more inclined on making huge waves for the Bastion to fend off against. Tower Offense sprawls with boards, with the ability to customly make boards and attach various stage gimmicks to it, such as Rogue HQs that are closer to the Bastion HQs but require more money to use. So, what's the big deal? Shall I go over three Bastion & Rogue cards now? Well, three each. AHEM!


  • Bastions
    • Pipe Blast: A cannonball leaker at close proximity. A cannonball launcher far away. Pipe Blast can give concussions to those right next to him and serve up lots of damage in a single shot, but he's a rather slow shooter for the record. Also, being a cannonball leaker... he will just rotate when he's got nothing to do and just randomly drop a cannonball at times. Sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's slow.
    • Jack Potshot: Jack Potshot is ironically just a tower that gives you gold whenever he lands a hit on something. Oh, he sometimes misses his shots for an expensive tower. Mainly because he's common.
    • Dual-Focus: For a less interesting tower, here's Dual-Focus, who simply just has two turrets that can fire at two targets at once; the strongest thing in his area, and the thing farthest into the battlefield. That's basically it. It doesn't do too much damage, so it's just one of the more common towers out there. At least it's not too expensive...
  • Rogues
    • Needy Mimic: Needy Mimic are rather costly and feeble, but they move two spaces a turn. Not only that, but if the Needy Mimic reaches an enemy HQ, it will siphon up through the Bastion's gold. If it manages to get back with the loot to the main Bastion HQ, you'll gain that gold for the next wave! Much to its dismay. If not, better luck next time.
    • Reeky: Reeky is quite durable, though he doesn't do much damage to the Bastion HQs. Reeky instead disables towers that have it in range for two turns after, surprise, two turns. He is expensive, though- a tradeoff for his ability to stun towers.
    • Dividend: Dividends are most effective when it comes to several branching paths. Not only do Dividends divide into two, then eventually four as they are shot, but they also will also duplicate themselves when it comes to taking multiple routes.


So, Try it Yourself is cancelled and reduced to a mere Bambisona mod because I just realized I want to save my creative ideas for other games and plus I lacked motivation in doing this. The idea before this (FNF: Apothecarial) was too, well, wild on ideas and kind of got shot down in the end. And my dream team for it was also shot down. I don't have a Discord. Neither do I have a lot of friends. But what the heck, man, I'm still inclined to make a FNF fan-mod in the form of Petals Just For You!

The G.H.A.S.P Notes are kept, though they're different in what they stand for- the not-dangerous but rather embarrassing Grim Notes, the wanted (not even figuratively) Hokey Notes (with a temporary score boost for anyone who catches it!), the expressive yet annoying Amped Notes, the indecisive Switcharoo Notes who move when they pass a white line called the Effectline, and the Powie Notes that basically can help you through hypertone songs via turning notes it passes through into Bot Notes! Well, actually, some Powie Notes pierce less. Take that in mind. But whatever

With eight stories to boot! Faline goes out of the forest to fetch some a flowering kit for her own garden. Maitar tries to go around during her daily chores, but struggles to keep her calm with her sister Boppi. Buster gets more than what he bargains for when he signs up for a job at 3D Hut, unaware of the dark secrets the one he just signed up for hosts. And even more stories that aren't listed, with a bunch of wacky characters and gimmicks you have to face off against! This isn't just a regular Bambisona mod, so don't expect to see too much Bambisonas, but rather entirely new ones that may or may not suddenly get sonas like what a ton of characters are getting right now!

There'll be a page for it just in as the game isn't real. So, ahem, DON'T WORRY!


It's the replacement for D.I.T.T.Y due to not being encouraged. It's MAKEYER! And just like D.I.T.T.Y, I can only really tell you that this game is a platformer game where anything and everything is possible. So long as you limit your ideas. Basically, it's like Levelhead, but a bit too fat on ideas, you know. This includes: Unique power-ups! The ability to create switches that only react to certain things, like water or fire! Freeze enemies you don't like? That's a thing now! Want to recreate A Bubbly G. Medley? Sure, just make yourself run forward automatically! Adjust the speed of enemies to suit your needs, but overall, what's Makeyer's slogan? "Limits form the unlimited."


This coulda been a small announcement but I thought I'd make it a big one. Whoops. Whatever, just do note is that I have to drip-feed content while making this page due to the size that will ensue. The basic things will be the only things vital and most obvious things to share for the page's release, just remember that.


Partially full revamp, again! Instead of lack of motivation being the reason, it's me not having the worlds with me anymore, the PvZ fan-game clashing with it being gone, and more reasons such as the fact that I didn't feel like making powered-up forms for every single Minirobot! It'll still be a pretty large game, though, with the same sixteen worlds- the amount I likely didn't mention to you. Since I'm pretty sure my games go completely forgotten, and this game's a pretty obscure one, here's a breakdown for what the game is.

What's This Project About?

Think of Tiny Defense as some weird, gravity-based version of Plants vs. Zombies, where you have to defend the right side of the screen instead of the left. This means you can't place most land-based towers on air, and most air-based towers on land. Instead of lawnmowers as a last resort, it's hearts you have to keep from reaching zero. Personal opinion? Well, as time goes on it actually feels like a more balanced modern PvZ2- both of they Tiny Defense games, though the second game's 3D to 2D. Honestly, they pulled off a level-up system that isn't grindy, might encourage you to actually use the tower more often to upgrade it rather than basically leave it eating the dust (so there's some incentive), or often times broken in the upgrades they give you, and they pulled off a good twist with the PvZ formula that I feel like the game deserves more respect. So you know what? Tiny Defense 3 was made for this and tries to add onto the formula via new gimmicks.

Okay, The Main New Features?

One of them's been gone over, but another one hasn't.

  • Frontline & Backline: Frontliners are for Minirobots that will last on their own for a while, while Backliners are for Minirobots that are used for a quick action or for supporting a Frontliner. They come separately and you normally can't have too much Backliners in your selection.
  • Alt Builds: Certain Minirobots have alt builds that will change how they function. It's similar to the Reactor mechanic I discussed, but it's less powerful and more just alternate builds. Some of these may change up how they attack entirely, while some just modify their stats. These alt builds can be gotten with Bolts, or at Level 2.

Aside from that, I have not actually prepped up for this. Well, I guess maybe I can discuss that the lightning-themed world with ion lightning will remain in place, but there'll be a new ice-themed world that's going to not just have a predictable theme for one. And I could just talk about one new Minirobot called the Saw Bot which attacks above it for a while before having to cool down, being able to deal massive damage in a single hit; however, it can cool down while not attacking. And then here's a bullet point list on what upgrades/alt builds they have.

  • Upgrades
    • Level 1: Saw Bot takes 20% less time to cool down.
    • Level 2: Saw Bot takes 20% less damage from attacks and deals 40% more damage.
    • Level 3: Saw Bot can pierce armor.
  • Alt Builds
    • Chopper Bot: Saw Bot can attack three spaces above it rather than one, but takes a longer time to cool down.
    • Pulse Bot: Pulse Bot instead releases multiple pulses to lock enemies in place and damage them multiple times before having to cool down. This is at the cost of a lot of its damaging power.


WALUIGI TIME! That's right, it's WA WA LUIGI FOR YOU! For years, Mario and his pals have gotten their own starring games for themselves; Luigi's got Luigi's Mansion, Wario's got WarioWare, Yoshi's got Yoshi's Island, and Donkey Kong's got Donkey Kong Country. But... what about Waluigi? He has not gotten a game about himself yet. Sure, there's Psycho Waluigi, but... I feel like I need to do justice. Henceforth, I introduce you all to WA WA LUIGI!

Travel to the wonderous Land of Frutta as Waluigi, who's seeking to impress not only himself but also Wario for money and a position at WarioWare, Inc. Your goal for the money? Save Princess Ube from a terrible curse inflicted from the ironfisted Panzer, leader of the Bombshell Legion, and get the army out of the kingdom. Waluigi is armed with Ube's tennis racket, the Rede, for the task; it's capable of being used to serve enemies some pain, and to absorb energy (and beings of energy!) to launch elsewhere. The kingdom sports some of the weirdest worlds for a Mario-based game for Waluigi to traverse through, and he's got to use his cunning tactics to get through whatever's thrown at him. So the quest's simple, right...?

...No, not exactly. Waluigi doesn't know, but he'll be going through a lot of external stuff that's going to encourage him to... well, later. That's for a later topic.

Also, don't expect me to create a Daisy or Rosalina game.


  • Eighteen vivid, wild worlds- ranging from a city of spooks to a cybernetic (and somewhat internet-y!) factory, Wa Wa Luigi proves to have many challenges up its store while also hosting an incredible amount of visual details. Probably even more than Super Mario Odyssey!
  • A whole new slew of new and unfamiliar faces that you likely haven't seen in a while!
  • Tackle challenges on with the Rede and take wild minigames with it two, and even learn some new moves or two to get past the foes in your way! These moves aren't required, but still, they can be useful and might even be weaknesses to the bosses you'll encounter!

And who knows! Depending on how impressed I am with it, I might actually pitch this as a real idea one day! Then you guys get to actually experience Waluigi jumping around doing stuff! Depends on how much my ideas get boggled, though.


IT'S THE MOMENT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. Maybe. But hey, it's time for the GRAND REVEAL on what I intended to show you way back in the Sparkling Summer Fest that I never got to show you. Behold! It's...


The replacement to all my old, scrapped Smash projects! The one that must succeed of them all! Okay-O takes the fighting genre and shuffles it up into something that's probably just League of Legends and I don't know that it is! But who cares? IT'S OKAY-O! THE FIGHTING GAME WHERE YOU CAN LEVEL UP YOUR CHARACTER! It's quick-paced, and unlike those 3D beat 'em up games like/similar to Digimon All-Star Rumble... badum tss, you have your own camera. That means no, the camera will not zoom out for you to look at the other players. Your goal is simple: KO your opponent through any means possible by combo'ing them to death. But that's not all! For the damage you dish out, and even the tasks you carry out, you can gain EXP to level up and subsequently upgrade yourself to hopefully be able to rise up and win.

And now! For the grand roster reveal!

Super Mario
Puyo Puyo
Plants vs. Zombies
Final Fantasy
The Cuphead Show
Dark Deception
RWBY Chibi
Friday Night Funkin'
Project Cape
Draco Duel
Super Mario
le europe shin
Hibber Wiff

(The last one's subject to change, I wanted to give every Fantendo user I knew one character and I had no idea which ones were and were not free to use. If only... I had... communications.)

Who do you plan to pick out when the game finally releases, which is probably if I keep up my laziness streak never? WHO KNOWS!


I don't have any long ending message, so I'm just going to apologize how long it took me to make this and how underwhelming the Sparkling Summer Fest was. Otherwise, hopefully you have a nice day and some hype in your soul. And, as I stated... I will certainly give some third-party support for Modifly's Modulo. This will be the last Latest Sew for a while; don't expect the next one to come out until this Winter or next year. And alas, I must go. I'll see you all folks later.

JULY 7/28/22

And then that's NOT about it, because I decided that I should showcase characters two. Whoops.

Hey, wait, what's Angie and Rangir for? They're fun extras... but they're going to get a game. Also, Pojinn's real first name got changed to Thyme. Thyme sounded a bit more memorable to me and was nicer than "Thaune".