Well, hello y'all. It's me, Mr. Yokai. I got some nervous teeth on announcin' the new Kotomo game I'm prepping up, but I can assure you I will be working hard on it. And no, if you were asking: this won't contain starters. I'm never the direct person... and I've never done a direct before. I'm really shaky about this, so apologies if I sometimes fall flat occasionally... yeah, it's not easy doing a direct for the first time (at least for me).

Before I'd announce, I'd like to thank SarancthaTFFM for assembling the art for me, Samtendo09 for Local Variants and inspiration, and ESPECIALLY ValkyriePyra, the creator of Kotomo.

Note that I actually made this direct before art was made so it'll get much more coherent once I place in the images.

Welcome to Laniakon!

Laniakon is probably the most populated region of the world of Kotomo; said to be the first land Valia made, Laniakon has many wonders to behold; even bigger than such wonders than in Heiwana.

Travel to the desolate lands of Dashash Mountain, located east. Dashash Mountain is a stabilized volcano-mountain teeming with Fire Kotomo. Once you're at it, you can go inside the volcano-mountain itself to check out Norbor City. Norbor City is strangely warm for volcano standards, and the lava there is safe thanks to the usage of some Magic Kotomo. At the heart of Norbor City is the Lavaurns Mine, where you can not only find the Rush Battle system, but also free lava-fishing devices that allow you to fish up Kotomo lurking in the lavas! Note that the lava is not safe outside Norbor City; safe lava is indicated by being more lighter in color.

At the southern coast of Laniakon is Rarcian Fontaine, hot springs which soon cause you to end up at the coast; Soudz City can be found in this location. Just like Poko Town, you can go for fishing contests, but unlike said location, the waters are wild, occassionally defying the laws of physics to bend in pretty shapes and to be in Soudz City's waterwheels without following out (by the way they don't have blades). What's (potentially) new is that you can now go dive deep underwater with the help of some swimming gear, finding special fishy Kotomo you probably can't have seen before, and even participate in a special minigame where you can use your Kotomo to surf on tides and the wet parts of the waterwheels!

North of Laniakon is Sipplesap Crags, which is crackling with electricity; Electric Kotomo are common here due to the excess electricity than can be used off of it. And when it comes to strange, electricity happens to keep aloft the Hurbin City. Superpowered by electricity, Hurbin City (almost) never runs out of electricity; and due to that, you'll find yourself entertained by the Sureshock Arcade, where you can play various arcade games for rewards and even have a nice snack or two with your Kotomo, at a fee, though.

Per usual, there is more to discover in Laniakon. Where will you go first? (Note that there will be partial spoilers at the Local Variants part)

Meet the Kutekina?!

Meet the Kutekina; these are Ybiol's versions of Kotomo. Unlike the Kotomo, however, they've developed a deep hatred to humanity and Kotomo. Why they have developed this, I cannot explain; but I'm excited to reveal some Kutekina.

Instead of types, Kutekina have Traits. Shoutout to Samtendo09 for the inspiration. Traits generally impact certain attacks, but I'll reveal those at the end (see other stuff). Instead of utilizing V-Energy, they utilize Vyb, which is very similar to V-Energy, except they're for specific Kotomo. Specifically, at max Vyb, they can use the Anger Vyb which enhances them (mostly in attack), and Despair Vyb which causes them to do a strong attack. And if you're wondering about normal moves, I might make moves have Kutekina Traits, but it'll just be either strong or weak against some types.

The first one up is...

Kallin'Awl! A pure Impact Kutekina, Kallin'Awls are narwhal-like Kutekina that are capable of merging with each other to get stronger and stronger. They reside in the Dingus Sands, waiting to lunge out at any prey that dare get close to them. Their ability is Shield Breaker, but let's talk about the Vyb. Their Anger Vyb is Merge Call! in where it calls more Kallin'Awls out of nowhere to merge into a stronger and intimidating version of itself that ignores Defense. Their Despair Vyb is Piledriver Corkscrew! in which they corkscrew into their opponent and rapidly deal damage, all while reducing the opponent's defense stats by five stages for 3 turns, meaning that it'll be half on Defense and Resistance after this attack.

Residing in the mansions, you can find the shrill Sourit and Crankasm, both being Undead/Noise Kutekina! While the former does foul play to lure in victims and give them headaches, Crankasm outright chases anyone who dare walk around in their mansion, giving headaches so bad one can't move at all. They both share the Anger Vyb Sharp Note! which makes their sound-based moves (and Noise-trait moves) not only pierce ears, but also lowers any hit Kotomo's evasion by one stage with each hit! Their Despair Vyb is called Banshee Song! which causes them to make sing an ear-piercing song that while it's weaker in comparison with other Despair Vyb, inflicts Amnesia on them for 5 turns.

In the waters of Rarcian Fontaine, be careful of Saphack, a Crystal Kutekina! By spinning, they can fire shards of crystals from their crystalline shells. Quamarin is no joke, creating whirlpools containing their sapphire shards and spraying it everywhere. They both have Shell Shatter and Mirror Body; the latter makes any physical attacks be bounced off of it. Careful with Dreaded Beauty! (their Anger Vyb), which makes their shells very sharp and durable, restoring them to half HP if they're below half HP. That's not even the worst part though, the worst part is that their spin attacks gain maximum priority and hit other targets two. And watch out for Apocalypse Twist!, which sends them reeling towards one target, spraying crystal shards everywhere. This not only does severe damage to the target but also rains down Crystal Spikes, the much more dangerous version of Spikes!

The last Kutekina revealed for this Direct is Cosmic Kutekina, Galaxik! They'll fly through their starry night, which is the best and worst place to find them; they've got real powerful feet, which speaks for itself; they'll try and kick you. Their ability is Nimble Kick, which gives their kick-related moves maximum priority, but that's for another day; their Anger Vyb is Watch My Stars!, which makes their kick moves so powerful, it has a 90% chance to daze any Kotomo that connects with this move. Their Despair Vyb is Slamming Star! which causes it to leap and kick the ground so hard, it creates a mark in the ground that causes stars to shoot out and rain down on opponents. What does it do? Massive damage, the Mystified status effect for 3 turns, and 50% chance Daze for every Kotomo hit that's Mystified! Watch the stars, and especially run when you see a shooting star heading towards you!

New Local Variants Appear!

Another shoutout to Samtendo09 for the Local Variants! The Local Variants system works differently in Laniakon. Instead of being the same as Regional Forms from Pokémon, Local Variants depend on your area. So for example, you'd only get Dashash Frosky at Dashash Mountain, while you'd get normal Frosky everywhere else. Speaking of Dashash Frosky...

Dashash Frosky is a Water/Flame Kotomo. Always dripping with water, Dashash Frosky swim in the last freshwater pools Dashash Mountain has to offer, turning them into steam due to a special organ. These dogs are much more aggressive than a normal Frosky. Its Local Advancement Vaperbus makes it much more aggressive, spewing clouds and growing two additional heads. Instead of Swimmer, it has Steamy, which increases its evasion every time it's hit by a Water-type attack or when it's raining. However, it can only increase its evasion to up to three.

Unon Shamini are strange Kotomo; they seem to have their traits reversed, instead causing bad luck and misfortunes due to the seal. It's instead Magic/Shadow, due to this strange phenomenon in said location it's in. Their main evolution, Shamamori, happens to be a deceptive and actually, while not 100%, evil Kotomo. Likewise, Unon Dekayuga is pure Magic. While the former two have Bad Luck, the latter has Bold Fortune, which greatly increases the team's luck for the first four turns.

Geklos, in a certain habitat in Laniakon, become Dojo Geklos! They're pure Melee, which should make sense since they're samurais. These brave Geklos will take on anything ranging from a Stalkueen to a V-Titan! Their advancement is Samuori, which is Melee/Mythic; these are renowned Kotomo for defeating V-Titans and taking on multiple groups of evil Kotomo. Both share two abilities: Metal Heart, which gives it a five-stage boost to all stats if it happens to encounter a Kotomo/Kutekina that's at least ten more levels than it, and Mighty Fall, that does double the damage to V-Titans!

Last but not least, Spirepond Beeboxes! They're Shadow, mainly because they're busted and ran away to Spirepond's largest haunted mansions. They can make piano scripts via strange fluid; let's not waste any time and meet Madeuvory, which is Shadow/Metal. Instead of making piano scripts, they play the piano, which allows them to power-up! Like Dojo Geklo, they both share two new abilities: Solemn Song, which reduces Negative Effects from Negative Kotomo, and Writer, which leaves a mark on the Kotomo causing them to take 1.2x more damage for one turn! While Writer might not sound severe, watch out for multi-strike attacks!

Lastly of Course, New Kotomo!

Meet Wolveraze's pre-advancement, Pathelpha (Mythic)! Pathelphas are very idiotic Kotomo, unable to hunt, eat, or escape without making a clumsy mistake. Its battle stats reflect this, being really weak, like Magikarp weak; it's ability is Cover, which is not a really good ability in the first place, since it means it'll probably go down much faster. Just because it's like this doesn't mean it can get stronger; there is an item called the Redemption Charm which helps it advance...

Tynchuine is the advancement of Moskemo, remaining Bug/Wind. What doesn't remain is its tactics; instead it prefers up-and-close combat, darting towards anything it sees as to pierce their flesh, and even potentially sever limbs. You thought that was bad enough? Wait until they launch their proboscis at you, which is infused with the blood it's corrupted! Speaking of proboscis, their move, Blood Missile, scales with the HP it stole; the more HP it steals, the harder this move hits. It's a bit hard to explain to say what happens after it uses this move, but the move's HP stolen counter will be reset. By default, its strength is 20.

I'm not gonna spoil where these little bugs are, but meet Cosee and Phylsmid! They are both Plant/Bug Kotomo; while the former is a vulnerable seed-like Kotomo that is capable of burrowing, Phylsmid is a plant-like bug that can rend off tree bark and attack other Kotomo with its sharp limbs! Both have Photosynthesis, which allows them to heal in Sunlight, and Reinforcement; this new makes their Defense and Resistance boosts go up by 0.6x, meaning that they'll have triple the Defense at max stage!

Before we get onto the next one, a new type occurs; SparkleSparkle refers to cute, beautiful, friendly, and sweet (literally!) Kotomo! Why do you need to know this? Because the next Kotomo is...

...Nixgel! Nixgel is a harmonic Ice/Sparkle that likes to sing in harmony. Its advancement Glaciphon can make its voice a weapon (although it's technically already a weapon), also making it frigid. They have two abilities; Frost Body, which heals it by 1/10th in Snowy weather, and the new Symphony, which slightly increases sound-based move's effects. It has a signature move known as Chill Song, which while it does nothing at first glance, actually restarts the opponent's Frozen status effect. It can't however refreeze, so if a Kotomo was affected by Chill Song previously, it won't be affected by that again.

These naughty cats reside in Dashash Mountain; meet Forkity and Nekerno (Flame/Mythic)! Both are two-tailed kitties with flames at the end of their tail, fighting with their tails. They both have a unique ability called Flame Tails that allows it to raise their attack stats drastically and guarantee a burn with their tail attacks. Careful around them.

Now before I/we reveal the special Kotomo of this direct, I'd just want to say something. Do you guys remember the Pyrohedron? You probably do. You see, it's a game which marked Fera, Lucius, Garg, Raune, Retron, etc's debut. Probably. Anyway, most of the characters in there... make minor appearances. Some are just exclusive to the game. Said game is Heroforce. But hey, guess who's back.

*dramatic drum sound*

Na'aki Towa?

IT'S PROTODRAKE! But let's act as if we don't know him. Meet K070, a strange Digital/Wind... Kotomo? It just happened to randomly appear without any warning; the noises it makes is strange, as if it's talking. Its ability is Storm Burst which makes its Wind and Electric attacks hit all opponents. Strange li'l Kotomo. Now...

The One You've Been Waiting For

So guess who won the poll! Well, we had a tie actually. But I picked the winner. The winner is... Bug! Thus, time to showcase you Duliapc, the first V-Kotomo! "Wait, what's a V-Kotomo?" V-Kotomo are special Kotomo that are awards for completing all quests in a zone. There is also Y-Kutekina out there, but that's for another day. Sorry if it's an under-explanation, but all of them have three signatures. Yes. Three.

Duliapc is a heavy and big bug with turrets on it. You'd want to be careful around this one; they're able to combust their V-Energy just to boost themselves and knock people over with their heavy weight. Its signature attack is Beetle Blaster which while it has an accuracy of 70 and and forces Duliapc to skip its turn, it does do hefty damage against your opponent! V-Boost combusts its V-Energy to give it a speed boost; depending on how much V-Energy it combusts, that's the stage boost it gets. At maximum, it gains a five-stage boost on Speed! This however is limited. And let's not forget Battleborn, which raises its offense stats (ATK, MAG, ACU) above half HP, but lowers defense stats (DEF, RES, EVA)! Below, it raises its defense stats but lowers its attack stats.

Other Stuff

  • The traits have different factors to your attacks! Here's three examples.
    • Noise: 5% chance to silence a foe and wakes up from Sleep faster.
    • Undead: Raises evasion by one stage and heals by 10% every time it knocks out an opponent.
    • Impact: Ignores 30% DEF and RES and causes super-effective hits to do 25% more damage.
  • Neutral Kotomo can be found! However, most of them are just Base Kotomo that gain new types upon evolving, and have branching paths.
  • I can confirm there'll be fun minigames in each zone you can play, but not veering to the boring side of things.
  • Laniakon is also going to be a magical land which will befuddle anyone! As you already probably know.
  • New items await you!
    • Chocolate Bars are added! They are like chocolate, but they're more for Kutekina.
    • The Valiance Badge gives you more ATK and MAG depending on how high the opponent's level is in comparison of your level!
  • K0D3T0M0! Enter passwords to get new Kotomo! The aforementioned K070 is one exclusive to the K0D3T0M0.

That's all for the direct! I'm going to be working hard on this game and it's gonna be my number one focus until I finish the entire listing where I'll move onto significantly smaller projects. And no, not super minuscule projects, like, something less... gigantic. Also, I'm not that type who knows how to balance stuff, so I'm open to balancing suggestions.

Regarding about SarancthaTFFM, yes, I did ask him about being an artist. He replied with this:

"my summer break starts on 15/07/2020 i think, so around a month from now.

i'll try to help out with the fangame all i can too"

So basically, expect full-drive artwork this July, but again, "all i can". Oh, and remember: the story is subject to change. Always. Other things to note?

  • I'm releasing the page once I finish 6-7 zones. I'm planning to try and go in number order. By the way: The listing will have subpages due to the gigantic Kotomo listing.
  • If I can confirm some Fangame Kotomo direct dates and some Kotomo reveals:
    • August 1st is the Birthday Bash Direct! It'll reveal 2 Kotomo, 2 Kutekina, and 2 Local Variants, 1 with a Local Advancement.
    • January 25th is the Anniversary Direct! It'll be big, I promise. Real big.
  • No, the Fangame Kotomo Directs aren't the only directs I'm doing; I'm planning to do a direct for my other games as well. The only thing which hinders me... the fact that I'm using the Snipping tool, which sometimes ends up making my tables look weird sometimes. 
  • Pending name for my Kotomo Fangame is Kotomo Beyond.

Oh, here's a small change I made.

Move Type Move Data
Nibble Neutral 30 Strength - 100 Acc. - Physical
It's typical for young animals to bite on objects when they're teething. Kotomo just tend to be a bit more violent.

Simple change, I just merged the type template into the type infobox to make something more visually satisfying, That's all! Happy day for y'all and see ya later!

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