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So, you guys remember five days ago, I revealed that Brobgonal was going to be coming to Super Fantendo Smash Bros. Storm? Well, guess what. Lo and behold, I lost my appetite for a Smash game when I stumbled upon gameplay of MultiVersus. Suddenly I felt like I should probably pull off some BONKERS game. Looking back at my old attempt of a multiversal clashing game... yeah, uh, it was an RPG game where you didn't have to move. It was not very successful because I really couldn't pin down the mechanics. No wonder people do fighting games for multiversal clashing games! But I wanted to pin this one down. A fighting game, that's not a Super Smash Bros. game... a fighting game, unlike any other...

Storm is cancelled, but and OTHER project will come in place.

What's the name? I'm not giving you it! It's for you to find out during the Summer Fan Fest of 2022, and it's probably going to come at... what, July? But for now, let's just give you some hints on what the characters MAY be. Starting in three, two, one...

  • THIS SENTENCE'S ABOUT THIS CHARACTER: "But it's understandable just not intentional."
  • CHARACTER ACTION: Dude punches you towards his friend, who proceeds to punch you over to his other friend, before you're laying on the ground. He and his two friends then start stomping on you, all while happy music plays in the background.
  • CHARACTER LINE: "Skateboard, please. Thank you!"
  • MILD DESCRIPTION: Something I wanted to do in Super Smash Bros., but ended up never doing. Oh yeah this character played sports with Mario and isn't from the Mario franchise.
  • ONE OF THE CHARACTER'S ABILITIES: Can consume a jawbreaker whole, without even biting into it. Hint, hint, you'll never expect that this character can actually do that.

Oh also I can confirm Brobgonal will be kept so hey CoolDetective there ya go, you can keep maining him. Also there'll still be Blue-side characters. Just need to find good ones I can actually build off of or whatever, though...