Lynkon seems to edit this page a lot recently, and I have no idea why it's on the Nintendo DSGO. Also, I could swear the creator of DSGO might not want it on there...

So it started like on August 17 where Lynkon started this. He started to place a TON of characters without movesets into the roster, which definitely should be deleted. Like seriously, Paladin is on the roster yet he isn't on the "Moveset Wanted" list. Also, Lynkon seems to act like the creator. He seems to be be very less serious when it comes to gameplay. For example, what the heck is "Family Friendly Smash" and "Charge 20XX" (which I assume wasn't added by him)? Also, previously, one of the rules was this:

"Number 3: if you want to put in a joke character, make sure it has a moveset if not its getting deleted"

However, Lynkon seems to change it to THIS:

"Number 3: No joke Characters"

This message feels incredibly hypocritical. Why? While Captain Ron is not allowed to exist in Everything, Freezeflame Galaxy, Pyro, (undertale characters), "Fidget Spinner Bro", and THE TARDIS OF ALL THINGS gets to exist. WHY?! Also, Moose A. Moose and Zee gets to exist. HOW COME THOSE AREN'T DELETED?! And the reason why Captain Ron doesn't exist? "Because He’s Not A Good Fit In Smash". That's right! He also broke one of the rules being "Just make sure you're not adding bad content for bad content's sake, or removing content added by others." Apparently, the creator of this is literally now obscure, as it seems like everybody is acting like the creator here. Also to note: characters that are removed are probably because they don't have a moveset, not because of purely not fitting in. So I decided that Redwing would be better to consider creator of Smash Bros Everything.

Soon, like one day ago, Lynkon explained why the heck Super Smash Bros Everything has too much content.

"I’m Milking This Page And I’m The Creator"

Yes, he didn't even create this page at all. What's even more mysterious is that the creator of "EVERYONE!!!" is not Gold-sans Mobile (the creator of EVERYTHING!!!), but rather "FNAF other". So yeah. WHO IS THE ACTUAL CREATOR?!

So, urrgh, here's what I might do

I'm going to just cancel Super Smash Bros Ron Edition and replace it with "Super Smash Bros. Crossoververse" and allow literally EVERYONE to place their characters in their as long as they give their character a moveset and as long as it's not a real-life person. However, I'm gonna make a "Joke" section which includes joke characters and such... also I might as well just not let Lynkon edit if he goes out of control and milks the page for no reason.

It's probably going to be extra strict.

Who Am I Going to Add?

Basically, all characters from Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Super Smash Flash 2, and all the newcomers in Super Smash Bros: RON EDITION. However, I'm not gonna add Captain Ron since technically Whala now gets help from the seven main Sprixie Princesses to attack. And the movesets, you ask? Unfortunately some of them I didn't really play these games, just saw them, so expect lots of missing characters or errors.

  • Arle
    • Neutral B: Nuisance Puyo
    • Side B: Conditioning Shot
    • Down B: Lay Color Puyo
    • Up B: Column Puyo
  • Hammer Bro
    • Neutral B: Boomerang Throw
    • Side B: Hammer Smash
    • Down B: Fire, Bro!
    • Up B: Sledge Bro Jump
  • Paper Mario
    • Neutral B: Cudge Hammer
    • Side B: Kooper Kick
    • Down B: Bombette Wind-Up
    • Up B: Propelhammer
  • Mii Mage
    • Neutral B: Magic Missile
    • Side B: Rock Barrier
    • Down B: Frosted Repel
    • Up B: Uplift Tornado
  • Koopa Troopa
    • Neutral B: Beach Koopa + Shell
    • Side B: Shell Face!
    • Down B: Retract in Shell
    • Up B: Paratroopa Flap
  • Peashooter
    • Neutral B: Peashoot
    • Side B: Flame Trailblaze
    • Down B: Sling Pea Shot
    • Up B: ???
  • Greenie
    • Neutral B: Bomb Throw
    • Side B: Kitchen Armor Spin
    • Down B: Call of the Undead
    • Up B: ???
  • Whala
    • Neutral B: Sprixie Magic!
    • Side B: Palette Charge
    • Down B: Chroma Coded
    • Up B: Winged Rainbow
  • Tee
    • Neutral B: Tetrimino Creation
    • Side B: T-Spin
    • Down B: Fling Blocks
    • Up B: ???
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