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  • Inkbuster is laughing his butt off with modded games. Suddenly, he is knocked over by a new person a long-time worker who's only a new character because we only really saw a few who joined Ragtag Refusal.
  • Unknown new character: Hey. Mr. Yokai's got something for you to show.
  • Inkbuster: Wait. When did YOU come over here?
  • Unknown new character: We've been working here for a long time. Name's Ide. Pronounce it like ID. The other workers, well...
    • Sooshi Mister, the rather toasty Mash Burner who serves the food. Because.
    • Tatterchops, the cool dude who just so happens to be shoehorned because he's that cool.
    • Haki, the weird broom creature who's just there sweeping the floor.
    • And more...
  • Inkbuster: Uh. I've met them before. Except Haki. Who is he?
  • Ide: Just…
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MrYokaiAndWatch902 MrYokaiAndWatch902 23 days ago

Latest Sew July - Mark Your Calendars

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Lack of Motivation.

Okay, yesterday I released the Toon You Out announcement pretty late in the day, feeling guilty that I didn't finish before the day the Sparkling Summer Fest started. And then, I thought about some artwork for characters I made that still haven't been completed. And then, I kinda just triggered a slight chain reaction of thoughts that got me thinking on what's up with me and my motivation to finish projects and even when I get to do projects it still doesn't feel complete. I basically theorized why I didn't feel motivated last night, believing that:

  • My lack of artistic skill was weighing me down on completing more art.
  • I have only one real form of communication that I constantly use, being Fandom. Scratch is just not ideal, and Chatzy is rea…
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MrYokaiAndWatch902 MrYokaiAndWatch902 10 June

About Super Fantendo Smash Bros. Storm...

So, you guys remember five days ago, I revealed that Brobgonal was going to be coming to Super Fantendo Smash Bros. Storm? Well, guess what. Lo and behold, I lost my appetite for a Smash game when I stumbled upon gameplay of MultiVersus. Suddenly I felt like I should probably pull off some BONKERS game. Looking back at my old attempt of a multiversal clashing game... yeah, uh, it was an RPG game where you didn't have to move. It was not very successful because I really couldn't pin down the mechanics. No wonder people do fighting games for multiversal clashing games! But I wanted to pin this one down. A fighting game, that's not a Super Smash Bros. game... a fighting game, unlike any other...

Storm is cancelled, but and OTHER project will co…

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Edit Button's Still Broken

(Top is Fantendo Wiki, bottom is for Community Central)

It's been since October 2020 since this has been happening. Already tried to call attention for this back in December 2021, nobody heard me, so well I guess I might as well try again.

I believe it HAS to do with the old script that made Classic Editor the default when clicking the Edit button, redirecting you to ?action=edit rather than ?veaction=edit by default?

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