Hi yall this is MR Z BRAINZ, the guy with no brain

Gummi Squadron!!! is far from done, although I do want to get an idea on what I should do next

which is the problem. i have a ton of concepts and idk which one to go with

please help


Return to Pokémon Clash

A Pokémon fighting game, kinda a mashup of Marvel VS Capcom and Super Smash Bros in terms of gameplay. It was my first project, but I kinda left it for dead

But YOUU have the opportunity to bring it back!

New Super Mario Bros ???

A traditional Mario platformer, featuring 2.5D graphics, a more nonlinear map, and more!

Bowser has hatched a plan to finally defeat the Mario Bros once and for all. He sends his Koopalings out to pilfer and plunder the land of its Power-Ups!

Meanwhile, Bowser himself is constructing a large machine. What could he plan to do with these Power-Ups? And can the Mario Bros and their allies stop him?

The choice is yours.

Super Mario Maker World

How original, I know. This is my take on Super Mario Maker.

Featuring much more content, more customisation, more charm, and a full adventure Story Mode!

Boot up and build up the levels of your dreams!

Mario Tennis ???

The biggest Mario Tennis yet!

With new characters, racket customisation, a Story Mode and more!

Fantendo Tennis Tournament

The above but Fantendo!

Pokémon Magic and Mecha

Explore the lush region of Gaigan in a new Pokémon adventure!

But it’s not that simple. The region of Gaigan is in a feud, with two factions against each other. The traditional and magic-focused Alcherene Faction, and the modern and tech-focused Rotomony Faction. You must pick a side!

So, with this faction war getting in the way of your quest to be a Pokémon Master, what will you do?

Will you make amends and sow peace in Gaigan, or crush the opposition and leave your faction unchallenged?

We shall see. And we’ll be watching.

Pokémon - Poipole

After a mysterious force takes over their homeworld, Poipole is stranded in worlds unknown!

Poipole will have to go on a journey!

Play as Poipole as you run, jump and spin through an Ultra Collect-a-Thon Platformer through weird and wonderful dimensions!

Will Poipole be able to save their homeworld?

Ultra Mega Man Trilogy

In a failed attack on Dr Wily's greatest and strongest fortress yet, Mega Man is lost inside the digital memories of his first three adventures...

But things aren’t exactly as he remembers. Additional Robot Masters appear, with never-seen-before weapons...

But pros beware; Defeating a boss with more than half of your health remaining on high difficulty will have them glitch out and become Ultra. In this form they have new attacks, and the stage becomes a digital vortex...

But could defeating all these Ultra Robot Masters be the way to escape Mega Man’s digital prison?

Delectamals: Delicious and Vicious

A creature-collecting game, but the creatures all represent food.

I haven’t really got any other ideas yet, sorry.

Kotomo ???

Everybody’s doing it so i guess i gotta as well i suppose so yes indeed

Use your OCs

I’ll make something using the OCs that I have and aren’t really using at all

Leave the wiki

I will make no further projects and leave the wiki


What should MR Z BRAINZ do next???

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