Lumoshi Lumoshi 2 March

Congrats to new staff members!

Following the recent elections, , , and are now sysops, and and Lotto Havoc are now chat moderators. Congratulations!

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Lumoshi Lumoshi 27 February

February 2021 Fantendo Elections

We will be voting for new members of our administration team out of those who signed up here. We plan to promote up to 3 new administrators, and the number of chat moderators promoted will depend on how many remain following the administrator promotions (as some of the users running for admin are currently chat mods). A majority of administrators vetoed one candidate for administrator and content mod and two candidates for unspecified positions, while one candidate for chat mod appears to have left the Discord server.

Users with the highest net support will be promoted first, but for all positions, at least a 60% support ratio is required (for example, if you have 9 supports, you can have no more than 6 opposes). Please vote by stating whet…

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Lumoshi Lumoshi 2 February

Wiki Name Change

We've been discussing changing the subtitle of this wiki (the "Nintendo Fanon Wiki" part, "Fantendo" is staying) because "Fanon" doesn't seem to get across the idea that most of the pages on this wiki are fake games based on recent patterns of Discord appearances. Some people have suggested ditching the "Nintendo" part since we've mostly evolved beyond a focus on Nintendo games, and others have suggested even branching beyond the realm of video games.

Here is a list of potential names (this is not a vote, this is just to garner community sentiment).

  • Game Ideas
  • Creative Writing
  • Game Ideas & More
  • Game Ideas & Creative Writing

Post below on which one you like most. If you have another idea, comment it. If you don't want the name to change, comment th…

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Lumoshi Lumoshi 28 October 2020

Message Walls

If you have been around here for a while, you have probably seen me campaign to have Message Walls as our wiki's primary communication tool instead of Talk Pages. I wrote several blog posts and forum posts explaining the advantages of Message Walls, and I'm not going to go all the way back and dig them up, but they stretch back to 2013. For seven entire years, I have been vehemently in support of adding Message Walls to Fantendo. This has, unfortunately, changed.

Now, with the UCP update, Message Walls run on the same code as Discussions. This means we cannot use wikitext and are limited to a few preset markup options. We cannot add signatures. We cannot customize our messages in any way that would involve formatting changes. As far as I ca…

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Lumoshi Lumoshi 26 October 2020

Congratulations to our new sysops and chat moderators!

After receiving support in the recent elections, the following users have been promoted!

As sysops, we welcome:

And as chad mods, we welcome:


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