Lemmykoopa24 Lemmykoopa24 22 August 2011


I actually WANT school to start. I'm really psyched about going to the high school.

The high school I'm going to is insanely awesome. And summer's been pretty boring.

So, yeah, you just read a 14-year-old's text saying that he wants to go back to school.

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Lemmykoopa24 Lemmykoopa24 19 August 2011

Imma back!

Yeah, I was on vacation and I forgot to tell you guys.

So yeah, I'm back and will work here more.

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Lemmykoopa24 Lemmykoopa24 11 August 2011

If this doesn't solve the Clover problem, then I don't know what will.


It solved the Nermal problem, so I see no reason why it won't help here.

I've created a wiki where Clover can make his own stuff, where the only standards are his standards. I have already promoted him to an admin.

He could get his RL friends and maybe some wikia buddies to join and do the same.

Since I was the one who made the wiki, I also have authority over it. So if I catch Clover making some unfair rules, I shall fix them.

I doubt he'll do this though. :)

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Lemmykoopa24 Lemmykoopa24 11 August 2011

My mind has done it again.

And this time, it's multiplied by 3.

Remember the blog I made about Leaf Vs. Star? Remember how I said "I unwillingly brainstormed this?"

Well, my brain unwillingly brainstormed THREE original games.

It combines Driver with Call of Duty. Your in large cities and your driving a vehicle. You have to defeat the other team by smashing their cars to their limit or by immobilizing them. Normal cars can outrun bigger vehicles and jump off transport trucks to attack from up high, big oil tankers can smash other cars easily and take a lot of damage, as well as serving as a roadblock to block off enemies from your weaker teammates. Some vehicles, like towtrucks or motorcycles can do things like hook enemy cars to their towing part to temporarily immobi…

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Lemmykoopa24 Lemmykoopa24 6 August 2011

Meet our new ally:

User:Dead Mouse

He'll spam again and again. You can't keep him down.

Fantendo II and III don't stand a chance.

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