Lemmykoopa24 Lemmykoopa24 2 December 2012

Since I've given up with this...

I might as well let you all know why.

Now, I know I've made blogs about me returning, and then another about me coming back, and so and so forth. But this time I really mean it, I'm done here. Use my characters and my materials as you please, I have no need for them anymore.

The reason is because I'm practicing for what I want to be after high school. I want to be a producer. I want to make music.

So, if you guys don't mind, would you check out my channel and my tracks? I'm not sure how many of the guys that I know are still active, but I know that some of you must still be here.

So if you guys wouldn't mind checking out my channel, it would be greatly appreciated. I've got a ways to go before I become worthy of it being my profession, but I'l…

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Lemmykoopa24 Lemmykoopa24 15 June 2012

My return fast approaches..

Exams are near, and I still need to write them, but after that, I'll prolly have assloads of spare time despite sports camp, soccer, and all that stuff.

I'll also be writing a book and writing music too.

But when I'm not doing any of that, I'll be doing stuff here, prolly.

I brainstormed a game that I'm determined to finish and hopefully keep me here for a while.

I know I've said stuff like this many a time before, but if this doesn't work, chances are I'll never come back.

So yeah,

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Lemmykoopa24 Lemmykoopa24 24 April 2012

The odds are slim, but...

K, so, as many of you may be aware, I have taken an indefinite hiatus. Reason being because the only thing that kept me here were my game ideas, and I had run out of those.

However, I have come up with an idea that will let me spawn more and more games.

I call it, The Theme of Lemmy.

See, I am quite fond of dubstep and hockey, so I take a game, and make 2 versions of it using those 2 themes.

Now, just because I have this idea, it doesn't mean that I have a definite return. There's a possibilty that I will. Of course, I still have school to focus on. Lots of students are going to get held back this year, and even if I do tank the final exams, I'll still be passing, but I have to prepare myself, just in case.

Bottom Line: I may or may not make a …

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Lemmykoopa24 Lemmykoopa24 8 October 2011

Things aren't looking too good.

Look guys,

I really like this place. It lets me bring my imagination to life and I get to make all sorts of wacky, fun stuff.

But I'm starting, once again, to lose my fan-gaming spirit. I'm running out of ideas.

Real-life things are also affecting me. See, I recently began to see this BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL girl. She's been in my grade and occasionally class for some time now, it's just now that... I don't even know. But now that I know how to (kinda) talk to girls, I'm gonna give it a shot sooner or later.

Plus, I have to keep my grades up, if I don't, I may fall behind in Math. But don't worry about that, I should be OK.

The real problem here is that I can find NOTHING to do here. I can't think of any more ideas. And whenever I go to edit somethi…

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Lemmykoopa24 Lemmykoopa24 17 September 2011

Characters for Fantendo Party: Battlefield

Yep, a Fantendo version of this right here.

So, submit yer characters here mai boi!

Here are da rules:

  • One character per User.
  • Don't have the character extremely big or extremely small. Just a normal-sized character.

I'm hoping to get at least 8. And of course, Neo's going in. So I need at least 7 more.

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