LegendaryIce LegendaryIce 3 September 2016

The normal announcement

Codename Craftendo is gonna be a TV show containing the hour-long explanation for the entire story. I literally tried explaining everything to pab a week or so ago (god bless your soul pab im so sorry you had to sit through that shit like holy fuck I should've cut to the chase), and it took roughly and hour. But anyways, it'll be good to have this story that has been in development for 3-4 months unfold.

The entire story is based off of these rp's that we did on Craftendo (the minecraft server), and it ended up being a pretty good story, being why I'm posting it on here.

so yeah

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LegendaryIce LegendaryIce 3 September 2016

The Depressed Voice Requests Return

No, I'm not gonna fucken put them on some shitty ass character that makes no sense whatsoever in backstory.

But, I am going to be doing voice requests, like I did last year. MGX sorta inspired me to reboot it, so thanks broh.

Request away, pretty much no limitations.

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LegendaryIce LegendaryIce 28 August 2016

Who is "TheFileCabinet" in Minecraft?

I joined at 1 AM today to work on a build, but then I saw someone named "TheFileCabinet", who made a survival hole with a furnace and crafting table. If somebody doesnt tell me who they are, I will ban.

Sorry, short blog, but this kinda freaked me out. How would someone find the server? Did they just look us up or smth???

Regardless, let me know now or perma ban most likely.

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LegendaryIce LegendaryIce 20 August 2016

Phinix Bonfire Showcase 2017 ANNOUNCEMENT


Hello, Ice here! So a few days ago, I pointed out that there is no showcase for August, which really made no sense. While I'd still love there to be an August showcase, I'm making my own PERSONAL showcase. It's called the Phinix Bonfire Showcase. I'll probably do one once a year, where I gather all of my ideas and mix em up into one huge personal presentation. But yeah, this will be taking place on August 20th, and I will reveal all 6 of my codename games/projects. Due to school, this may be seperated by SEVERAL DAYS, so I apologize in advance. ANYWAYS, LOOK FORWARD TO THE UNVEILING OF: 


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LegendaryIce LegendaryIce 23 July 2016

Craftendo Final Update - The Conclusion and Story

May 8th, 2016. I started a new Minecraft server after missing the good old days of playing Minecraft with everyone on here. This time the server was hosted by me, which lead to some iffy decisions... but eventually everything would get sorted out. On this server we made an entire story of companies battling other companies, and the lore just kept on growing as time progressed, but one day everything just sort of stopped happening. People sometimes randomly dissapearing, some leaving with reason, but all in all the server was dying with no recovery. The last resort was to do something that pained me even thinking about it-- creating the world anew. This is tough because Craftendo is the only Fantendo-Affiliated server to go 3-4 months witho…

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