So I just got back from my trip, and I actually managed to do almost all the requests! I know I missed a few submissions on the requests page, since I had to leave for the airport much earlier than I planned to; as it was, I barely had enough battery life on my laptop to get these requests done! Here are the pieces, in the order I made them:

Drawing under a time limit imposes such a different dynamic on the creation process! While it felt kinda bad to have to leave mistakes uncorrected, I also felt freer to take risks with new poses and art styles since the final piece wouldn't be perfect anyway.I also became much more methodical and efficient - while my first piece took nearly 20 minutes, by the end I was consistently finishing at around 10 minutes. It's a unique experience I'd recommend you try if you want to experiment a little!
If you missed out on this art blog, or the two previous ones, I'm afraid I won't be doing another for a while. If you still want your character drawn, feel free to make a request down at Face Off! - I'll be spending more time working on that as my current projects here begin to wind down. Hope you all had a happy New Years!

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