So its almost time for me to travel back to the US, which means I'll be doing one last draw blog! Examples of my stuff can be found here and here. Unlike those blogs, my goal here is to draw as many characters as quickly as possible! So don't expect anything super polished, although you should hopefully be able to recognize your characters.

Rules are pretty much the same: submit up to three of your characters in the comments section. To make things easy for me, don't link me your character page and expect me to choose for you! I'm going to be really busy packing and don't have time to sift through your awesome characters. If you link me your character page, give me at least one character's name you want drawn - I'll choose additional characters if time permits!

I'll keep track of requested characters below. I won't formally close submissions here, but I leave for the US midnight January 2nd at about 5pm Central Time. I may have time to add more submissions during my layovers, but that isn't a guarantee! There is no set order for which submissions I'll be doing first, but I'll try to prioritize submissions from people who have missed the last two draw blogs - other than that, it should roughly be first come first serve. So, have at it!

Submissions (16-23 currently):

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