Hey all! It's been a crazy long time since I was last on here, I've been focusing more of my time on college studies this spring semester. I just wanted to stop in and give a few updates in my planned and in-progress projects, and my future on the site.

First off, my review service Double Deck recently completed its second season, and I will likely not be starting it up again. However, I will be continuing with my character art series Face Off! Rather than a personal project, I see it as a commitment I've made to several Fantendo users, and it would be wrong for me not to finish the work I agreed to do. I will be streamlining the cards designs to only include the front side with character art.

I'm also planning to start copying the work I've done on Fantendo to my portfolio, including my work on Face Off. I plan to only post my artwork of your characters; I will not claim ownership of the original design, and I will link to the official Face Off! page. I would also link to the character's page, but some character's pages have been moved or deleted, and I don't want to risk broken links on my portfolio.

If you are OK with my art of your character designs being shown on my portfolio, please say so in a comment here, or on the Face Off page! I will not post your character's designs unless I receive an affirmative response. Your decision will also not affect the order in which submissions are completed.

The Face Off! page will be updated with the above information.

I currently have no plans to continue any of my other projects, except for maybe Kirby: Paradox Hour since it's so close to completion. I will instead be focusing on independent game development from here on out (again, to boost my portfolio). I recently completed my first game, Home Sweet Home, and will hopefully release more in the coming months. I'd love to hear any feedback you have!

That's it for updates, hope you are enjoying your summer!

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