LegendaryHero1023 LegendaryHero1023 14 May 2019

Face Off! Revival (and some other updates I guess)

Hey all! It's been a crazy long time since I was last on here, I've been focusing more of my time on college studies this spring semester. I just wanted to stop in and give a few updates in my planned and in-progress projects, and my future on the site.

First off, my review service Double Deck recently completed its second season, and I will likely not be starting it up again. However, I will be continuing with my character art series Face Off! Rather than a personal project, I see it as a commitment I've made to several Fantendo users, and it would be wrong for me not to finish the work I agreed to do. I will be streamlining the cards designs to only include the front side with character art.

I'm also planning to start copying the work I've …

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LegendaryHero1023 LegendaryHero1023 4 January 2019

Lightning Round Art Blog - Results

So I just got back from my trip, and I actually managed to do almost all the requests! I know I missed a few submissions on the requests page, since I had to leave for the airport much earlier than I planned to; as it was, I barely had enough battery life on my laptop to get these requests done! Here are the pieces, in the order I made them:

Drawing under a time limit imposes such a different dynamic on the creation process! While it felt kinda bad to have to leave mistakes uncorrected, I also felt freer to take risks with new poses and art styles since the final piece wouldn't be perfect anyway.I also became much more methodical and efficient - while my first piece took nearly 20 minutes, by the end I was consistently finishing at around 1…

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LegendaryHero1023 LegendaryHero1023 31 December 2018

I Wanna Draw Your Stuff 3: Lightning Round

So its almost time for me to travel back to the US, which means I'll be doing one last draw blog! Examples of my stuff can be found here and here. Unlike those blogs, my goal here is to draw as many characters as quickly as possible! So don't expect anything super polished, although you should hopefully be able to recognize your characters.

Rules are pretty much the same: submit up to three of your characters in the comments section. To make things easy for me, don't link me your character page and expect me to choose for you! I'm going to be really busy packing and don't have time to sift through your awesome characters. If you link me your character page, give me at least one character's name you want drawn - I'll choose additional character…

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LegendaryHero1023 LegendaryHero1023 26 December 2018

The Sketchening - Draw Blog Results

Sooo, I just finished the last of the sketches! Again, I had lots of fun making these, and hope you all like how things turned out. Here are the final sketches:

So that's it for now ... I still need to fly back to the US in a week or so, so that may entail a third one of these. I may plan it as a self-set challenge - a lightning round of sorts - where I try to draw characters as quickly as possible. If I do I'll post a submission blog in about a week. That ain't important right now, hope you enjoy the art!
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LegendaryHero1023 LegendaryHero1023 15 December 2018

I wanna draw your stuff 2 - The Sketchening

Remember how I drew your characters a couple of months ago for a trip? Well I have to make the same migration again for Christmas, so I suppose it's time for round two! Rules are pretty much the same: Submit up to three of your characters you want me to draw (although I can only guarantee doing one per person). I won't have service on the plane, so I'll need to save reference images beforehand. I have a few layovers on my trip, so I'll update this page with the sketches I've completed if I have service.

If you wan't examples of my style, Face Off! has some of my best work, although I will be doing sketches rather than polished art. Speaking of, you can request characters even if I've already done Face Off stuff for them! The results of the…

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