Hello, everyone. I want to show the upcoming project that I'll be making. After finishing playing Pokémon Sword, I decided to create my own pokemon game (due to boredom).

So, here they are.


PKMN Autumn (Logo)
PKMN Spring (Logo)

That's right. The title of my Pokémon project is Pokémon Autumn and Pokémon Spring. This project will be similar to Pokémon Black/White and Pokémon Black 2/White 2.



Hugcub, The Cuddle Pokémon. Grass-Type.


Sunny, The Rookie Pokémon. Fire and Fairy Type.


Duckle, The Troll Pokémon. Water and Flying Type.

These are the 3 Starters for Autumn and Spring and more information about them will be coming soon.

Well, that's my reveal. So later on, I'll be making a first presentation about the starters, Region reveal, Status about the game, and of course the reveal of the legendary Pokemons.

See you soon.

After the reveal of the starters, which one do you like?

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