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  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is destroying space
  • I am robot bug
  • Kirbymariomega

    draw mario

    June 2, 2017 by Kirbymariomega

    i forget if we've ever had a blog like this outside of community draws but i thought it would be so fun so i'm doing this

    simply draw mario and we'll have a gallery of marios

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  • Kirbymariomega

    hey guys since most everyone is probably in normal school by now and since i'm using my one week marker as a reference, how's your year going?

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  • Kirbymariomega

    so guess that pokedex leak is false after all. here, we have:

    • a small fish who strangely enough does NOT evolve into that much larger, much more intimidating fellow you see below it; rather, it appears to be able to change into that form, called the school form as it's made up of seemingly dozens of smaller fish, at will! its name is yowashi and its typing is obviously water-type
    • sunabaa and sunadeshiro, the sandcastle pokémon that you and i have always wanted -- both are ghost/ground
    • nuikoguma, bewear's pre-evolution -- still normal/fighting
    • alolan meowth, a dark type with fuck-me eyes who came around after the royal family of alola bred them
    • alolan marowak, an emaciated fire/ghost type who developed fire as a weapon as a response to its preda…
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  • Kirbymariomega

    in which we suggest real (playable) fangames to each other to play!

    my recommendations are:

    • abducted toad -- a game where you play as toad with a unique twist
    • psycho waluigi -- a game starring waluigi using the power of his mind
    • toadette strikes -- a smb2-inspired game starring toadette
    • mega man dongs -- a jokey mega man game which is not only humorous but also challenging and fun
    • mega man rock force -- a very good mega man fangame
    • mega man: super fighting robot -- much of the same
    • mushroom pancakes -- a very jokey mario fangame that is admittedly incredibly funny; and of course, plays very well. surprisingly difficult!
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  • Kirbymariomega

    let's play a game. cool? cool.

    how do you play? first, let us think back to everyone's favorite kirby game for the playstation 2: kirby 64! well known for being the second video game remade for the atari jaguar, kirby 64's revolutionery addition to the kirby series was its ability lineup --

    -- along with the choice of fusing the powers with each other to solve puzzles!

    see where this is going? if you say no, i mean... there's really only one way this could be going, and even if not, you don't even have an assumption? come on, i expect better from you man

    essentially, the idea is that you first pick an existing copy ability that ISN'T in kirby 64 and describe how it would work in kirby 64, and then what happens when you mix it with the abilitie…

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