FANDOM I going to regret this immediately? Probably...

But anyway, Pokemon Sword and Shield. New games, haven't played them because I don't own a Switch, and to be honest I'm not so keen. I won't deny that I love the graphics on them, and I don't even mind the “Dexit”, but they're crazy broken, the Pokemon designs suck (save for the returning Pokemon and a fair share of hidden gems), and the Dynamax gimmick is far from my cup of tea.

But that's actually the topic of today. In general, I say that I really don't like Gigantamax designs, but I'm making this blog to analyse the truth and see how well that statement holds up.

Note, though, that because I haven't played Shield (which is the version I'd pick, Zamazenta >>> Zacian), I'll be judging these from design alone, not gameplay.

Let's begin, going in National Dex order.

  • Venusaur: Well, after the nightmare that was Gigantamax Charizard, I'm glad that the better two Kanto starters got some sweet justice. Except in Venusaur's case I'm not a fan of it... I get that it had to look distinct from Mega Venusaur, but why does the flower have to flop down like that? They could have gone with having an entire flower bed on his back...
  • Charizard: Yeaaaaah. This nightmare is about 90% of the reason why I don't like Leon (the other being his catchphrase...). Not to mention the thing that made me hate the chair lizard. And I really don't like this thing's looks, it's almost the same as the original and just looks... fat...
  • Blastoise: Definitely the least bad Kanto starter Gigantamax - what else would I expect from my favourite of the trio? Having an entire artillery base on his back was a pretty nice move TBH.
  • Butterfree: Well, two generations ago there was bias shown towards Beedrill. Now there's bias towards Butterfree. Not as much as a blessing as I'd hope. But the design's pretty okay, I like the natural colour of the wings.
  • Pikachu: Same story as Charizard. That is not a new form, that is just a fatter Pikachu with an oversized tail.
  • Meowth: *deep sigh* No comment.
  • Machamp: I... I'm kind of mixed on how the ends of his arms kind of become molten. What I really don't like is the discolouration of the head and neck.
  • Gengar: Well, that's freaky. I suppose it's okay, but Mega Gengar did the concept of “Gengar but he's attached to the ground” better.
  • Kingler: Uh... foam bubble facial hair? That's weird and I don't like it. But at the end of the day I'm glad that a forgettable Pokemon like Kingler got a bit of spotlight.
  • Lapras: Honestly this looks kind of pretty, I like the aura of ice around the body.
  • Eevee: Too. Much. Floof. Also, why is the Dynamax aura around one of the ears? It's not even a prominent ear, it's just... an ear...
  • Snorlax: I'll admit I like the concept of the Snorlax growing a full-on garden on his body. Pretty creative, kind of reminds me of Torterra (Sinnoh remakes confirmed).
  • Garbodor: Why did Garbodor, of all Pokemon, get a Gigantamax? Having literal physical garbage mixed into his body is a nice touch, but there's one thing I don't like - the fact that this is Oleana's ace. She goes all out with feminine Pokemon like Froslass and Tsareena, and then she just throws in Garbodor out of nowhere...
  • Melmetal: Tall Melmetal is tall. Also... how do you obtain this thing? IIRC you can't transfer Pokemon from Let's Go into Pokemon Bank, seeing how you can catch starters and legendary birds in that game like it's nothing. So would you have to evolve a Meltan in the mobile Go, then get it into Pokemon Bank, and then transfer it to Sword/Shield? Is the Meltan line even in the Galar dex, for that matter?
  • Rillaboom: Definitely the least laughable of the Galar starters Gigantamax-wise. I like how he gets a full-on drum kit and giant vine arms to play the drums with.
  • Cinderace: That is not Gigantamax. That is a pretty-much regular Cinderace standing on an eighty-four-foot fireball with eyes.
  • Inteleon: INTELEON'S GOT A GUN- uh, what I meant to say was... this is interesting, to say the least. I like the idea of a Gigantamax form getting a giant base to stand on instead of growing, and while Cinderace did this very poorly, Inteleon did it okay (the giant base is actually a crazy-long tail, fun fact). Not nearly as well as Alcremie, though.
  • Corviknight: Who else thinks this is kind of the in-game mascot for Gigantamax? Given the red stripes on the wings, reflecting the red colour associated with Gigantamax (and just general Dynamax). Looks cool TBH, I'd honestly be happy with this design for a Mega Evolution.
  • Orbeetle: Is that a Pokemon UFO? Well... cool how they took advantage of the spots on a ladybird and how they look like the lower side of a UFO. It's still crazy surreal, but a decent idea in concept.
  • Drednaw: Okay, seriously, what is it with Pokemon gaining weight when they Gigantamax? I really don't like this design, especially how the lower jaw covers pretty much the entire face.
  • Coalossal: Well it's a step up from the normal Coalossal, the volcano idea is kind of neat and the colours are pretty nice. But why is this Lapras' counterpart? Can't Gordie have gotten a Gigantamax Golem or something?
  • Flapple/Appletun: One Gigantamax form for two Pokemon, this is the pinnacle of lazy. I don't even think this is a good in-between for the two, something like Appletun with wings would work better. And I don't really like the... honey? Is that what's supposed to be foaming around the neck?
  • Sandaconda: I like this form, the tornado shape is pretty cool.
  • Toxtricity: Again, GameFreak were lazy cows making this game. The pylon is a weird design choice, and why is it pink? Surely a split yellow and blue, like the rest of the electricity, would be better?
  • Centiskorch: Okay, 246 feet... that is BIG... the only Pokemon bigger than that is Eternamax... I suppose the idea of the fire trails becoming really long is decent, makes it look like a Chinese dragon.
  • Hatterene: Normal Hatterene is a favourite from Galar, but this form? Well, it's pretty good, but not so much. Splitting the single ponytail with a hand into three tentacles is an interesting choice but I don't like it quite as much. Also I can hardly see the head and that concerns me (as we discussed with Drednaw).
  • Grimmsnarl: Another Gigantamax with long legs, huh? TBH I kind of prefer this to regular Grimmsnarl, but I find it hard to describe why. Moving on.
  • Alcremie: Love this form, definitely my favourite Gigantamax. The wedding cake idea was so clever.
  • Copperajah: That's... a rectangle with a huge trunk. Ah don't like it.
  • Duraludon: A skyscraper, eh? I... think that's interesting at the best. Flatout weird at the worst.
  • Urshifu: It's just the original with a different colour scheme, really. Kinda lazy, but I like how the different styles get different colours.

And that wraps it up, TBH I like more of these than I first thought. What are your thoughts on the Gigantamax designs? Be sure to say so in the comments.

The Mirror Samurai (talk) 09:03, August 3, 2020 (UTC)

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