(Note: For context, look up this blogpost and read the comment section:


Now recently, I've contradicted myself and put myself into more drama, by saying an offensive slur & then getting very defensive over it. There are no excuses, I'm just an idiot with no boundaries. It was honestly in the heat of the moment to use an insult for myself, and I used the first words that popped in my head. And since I grew up saying the word (PLEASE NOTE, I WAS NOT USING THE WORD AGAINST MENTALLY HANDICAPPED PEOPLE) , I got very "white-knighty" and took to the comment section.

I'm also pretty disappointed in myself for sounding like I've not learned from these past controversies, and not keeping up promises. For anyone who saw the blog, I'm really sorry if I offended, hurt, or disappointed anyone. I should know better, and I wanna do better than this. I may have not been the greatest person on this website 4 years ago (srsly, I was very toxic back then), but I'm serious, I want to reform and overall become a better person (which was why I made that original post). I hope you guys can find forgiveness in me.

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