Rhythm Heaven the Great Adventure(Japanese: (rhythm tengoku royal stars)/European: rhythm paradise the great adventure/Korean: 리듬세상 그레이트 스타즈(rhythm world great stars)) is the fanmade game in rhythm heaven series. It has its story mode like Megamix. It was released on Nintendo switch on January 24th, 2020(Japan), December 17th, 2020(America), March 9th, 2021(Europe), March 11th, 2021(Austrailia), May 23rd, 2021(South Korea). Its age rating is CERO B(Japan), E+10(America), 12 years & older(South Korea).


Gameplay is the same as the original: You press buttons to the rhythm of the song. There's always audio cues to guide you, so you can even play without seeing the screen!

There are 8 games(including Remixes) per set. And you can go through if you get OK or Superb score on a game. If you completed all of games in a land, you can fight with boss remix.

Gameplay ot new games


Once upon a time, There was the Death Lord on the world. He trapped people in their fearness and despair. He and his henchmen(and henchwomen) absorbed musics to keep their powers. And they let the world under their control. But they had awful weakness. It was the power of 'RHYTHM'. If the warriors wanted to defeat Death Lord, they had to gain their rhythm flow and defeat the Death Lord. One day, the Three Heroes defeated the Death Lord with their rhythm flows. For this reason, the world got the long peace. And 3,000 years ago... The Paix kingdom had grand crisis!!! The Princess Vachelia has missing!!! This news has heard to Setron the Warrior. But he couldn't get the quest because he was in the hospital while he hurted too much to fight with the golem. But a week later, the princess returned to the her castle. However, she hurted too much on the verge of death. She said the ghost attacked her, and made her into on the verge of death. And a week later again, Setron the warrior left the hospital and got a quest from the king. The quest was 'to capture the ghost who made princess hurt'. He accept the quest and went to the woods where the ghost usually appears, One day later, the ghost didn't appeared. Two days later, the ghost didn't appeared again. But three days later, the ghost has appeared!!! Setron caught the ghost and stared its face. But surprisingly, the ghost's appearance is same with princess Vachelia. Suddenly, she started to cry loudly. Setron asked why she cry loudly, she said 'Death Lord's soul killed her and stole her body to revive'. For the reason, she became a ghost. And she said, if the warrior don't defeat the 'Death Lord Reborn' early, the princess will really die, and the world will change into 'under their control'. But she stopped the warrior who wants defeat the Death Lord, Because they must lock the 3 heroes to defeat the Death Lord. For the reason, warrior and princess' adventure what to lock the 3 heroes and defeat the Death lord has begun...

Story-Mode Games

1. Jungle Land

Mascot: Ookin

He is an orange monkey what is wearing leaf pants. And he is tying green vine to his hand. He wants to be friends with human, but Toiler always stops him and eats the humans.

Boss: Toiler

His head is a big Human-Eating Flower and his body is thick-spiked vines. He REALLY hates human because his childhood, he saw his parents are dying by humans.

Game Description Controls Try Again Message OK Message Superb Messege
1-1 Bug Hunter (New) Oh no!!! There are too many bugs in you home. Let's get rid of them!!! A:Swing Swatter "Welcome to the bug's world, Boys and Girls~" "Is it enough, right?" "Goodbye, evil BUGS!!!"
1-2 DJ School Pick up some tips from DJ Yellow, and see if you can learn his patented move. Scratch-o, Hey! Hold A: Start & hold a breakRelease A: Spin turnable "You could use another session." "Yeah, not too shabby, hey!" "Lookin' like a real DJ!"
1-3 Tram & Pauline The Aerial Foxes are starting their show!
Wait- are they actually humans? Hmmm...

D-Pad: Transform Tram

A button: Transform Pauline

"Maybe we need to try a different act!"

"We " "Woohoo! The crowd can't get enough of us!"
1-4 LumBEARjack (Barbershop Land in Megamix) Excuse us. You look like a big, strong bear. Would you mind 'helping us weak little cats with our firewood? A: Chop woods "I, uh, brought you a cold compress..." "Yeah, he's doing it. Come out and join us!" "Fire!"
1-5 Board Meeting You finally made it to the big office! If you want to impress the chairman, follow your assistant's advice. A: Stop chair "Let's table this for now..." "Business is turning around!" "Congratulations, Mr. Chairman!"
1-6 Peach Picking (New) Let's make VERY MUCH Peach Jam!!! In First, we should pick up some Peaches. Can you do this with me? A:Pick peaches "I don't want to make peach jam again..." "Oh man, strawberry jam is not bad either, right?" "Do you wanna have some peach desserts, MAN?"
1-7 The Clappy Trio The world-famous Clappy Trio never misses a beat. You're the third in line, so just keep an eye on what the other two do! A: Clap "They are not trio. It's SOLO now." "You need to make it to more of our practice sessions..." "Trio-riffic!"
1-8 JungleLand Remix It's time to mix things up! Please don't destroy the animal's paradise!!! (No practice for you!) See above "I told you, We REALLY hate HUMANS!!!" "Oh, I think all of humans are not bad..." "Here is THE REAL PARADISE!!!"

2. Meow Land

Mascot: Angoran

Her Face is human girl's face, but her body is cat's body.(Human-Faced Cat) She is always outcast for this reason. But she crushed into Fuzzilion.

Boss: Fuzzilion

He is big and fat lion. He really hates Angoran. But, he doesn't have any GIRLFRIEND. Also, Angoran crushed to him, but he doesn't know that.

Game Description Controls Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message
2-1 Power Calligraphy Have you ever tried writing Japanese calligraphy? 'It requires grace, finesse, and a surprising amount of upper-body strength. A: Write (with power) "(sigh). Maybe I should just stick with pencils..." "Now who says calligraphy isn't fun?" "Hooray, Japanese calligraphy is awesome!"
2-2 Cooking Channel (New) Do you wanna be Great chef? If you said "yes", watch our TV channel! A+ chef [Ms. Cheva] will teach cooking to you!!!

D-Pad: Chop veggies or meat

A: Cook veggies or meat

"Is it food, or TRASH?!" "Why don't you come and eat it?" "You are the GREATEST chef in this channel!!!"
2-3 Double Date It's your first date with the girl of your dreams! Also, some weasels are on a date! Don't let the mood get ruined! A: Kick balls "I'm sorry to have to tell you, but..."

"I had a lovely time. Thank you."

"I've been wanting to tell you..."
2-4 Rhythm Rally "Return the ball to the beat!
The trick is knowing how
quickly the ball is coming
at you. Good luck!
A: Swing paddles "I really wanted to win this time..." "That was a great match!" "Nothing beats a good rally!"
2-5 Pajama Party Let's be honest; everything, including pajama parties, is better with monkeys. ESPECIALLY pajama parties.

A: Jump/Sleep

Hold B: Prepare

Release B: Throw pillow

"Wait for me, bus!" "Mmrmphrmph..." "Rise and shine!"
2-6 The Dazzles Snappy starlets the Dazzles need a new member for their TV show. Prove you've got what it takes with a dazzling audition!

Hold A: Crouch

Release A: Pose

"We've got to get it together!" "You did a good job!" "You're one of us now!"
2-7 Worm Race (New) The worm race has started! You are a worm's tail, and NEVER get lazy!!! A: Run "Congratulation!!! You are the LOSER!!!" "I'm 2nd, but..." "You are REAL Winner!!!"
2-8 MeowLand Remix It's time to mix things up! Starry eyes, Fluffy hairs, soft paws... what do you need more? (No practice for you!) See above "Meow! Grrrrrrr...(I hate you!!!)" "Meow...(I feel good, well...) "Meow!(I love you, master!)"

3. Dream Land

Mascot: Dreania

She is an elf in Dreamland. But she can't use magics by Bak-Y. Because Bak-Y ate her magics.

Boss: Bak-Y

She is Baku(Dream-eating Yo-kai in the legends). But she eats all of dreams in the land. Actually, she came for eat nightmares, But she is still hungry and started to eat good dreams together.

Game Description Controls Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message
3-1 Exhibition Match OK, Mr. Big Batting Hero,  time to show off your skills  in an exhibition match. Don't  let anything get past you!" A: Bat "I...lost?" "Let's call it a tie. Good match." "We won't see THAT one again!"
3-2 Spaceball Ignore the camera's wild zooms! Make the ball zoom wildly away!
Don't blink! Don't wipe your tears!
A: Swing bat "C-can I have my ball back? 
I'll give you my last dumpling..."
"Must...train...harder..." "I won first "space"!"
3-3 Catchy Tune (Honeybee tower in Megamix) I like to hang out at the bottom of these stairs, because sometimes fruit bounces down them. Free Fruit! A: Catch on the rightD-Pad: Catch on the left "Little help?" "More, more!" "Fresh squeezed all the way, baby!"
3-4 Built to Scale(New)  White widgets, Red rods. What do you think if the two things combine? Do you want to do it?

D-Pad: Transfort Rod

A: Shoot Rod

"So... What did you said the red thing in my NOSE?" "That was not bad. Take few rest." "You are #1 worker!"
3-5 Hole-in-One You know what will really improve your golf game? Timing your swings to music! A: Swing golf club "I broke my legs, guys..." "That was a great swing!" "Championship title, here we come!"
3-6 Fan club "Pop stars can't make it on their own.
They need the help of fans like you
to get the audience worked up!
A: Clap

Hold B: Crouch

Release B: Jump

"I thought you were supposed 
to be my biggest fan..."
"Thanks for your support!" "I couldn't ask for better fans!"
3-7 Blade Couple (New) You are couple ninja, and control both character to defeat enemy ninjas!!! Be sharp! A: Swing blade of boyfriendD-Pad: Swing blade of Girlfriend "Oh, we're hurt. TOO MUCH hurt..." "Let's practice more!" "You are the best couple in the year!!!"
3-8 DreamLand Remix It's time to mix things up! Beware the nightmares in the dreams and the bakus! (No practice for you!) See above "Don't eat me, Baku! Please!" "Do you taste it yummy, girl?" "It's my BEST dream forever!!!"

4. Ocean Land

Mascot: Surfird

He wears green swim pants. He is teenager boy. He loves swimming, but he can't do it because of the Werwaida the fallen mermaid.

Boss: Werwadia

She is the fallen mermaid. Her face is beautiful, but she has feather of syren, and tail of fish. She songs the beautiful music and make people DROWN.

Game Description Controls Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message
4-1 Glee Club Join a trio of chorus singers. You're the third, 'so you just have to keep up with the others! Hold A: Shut YapRelease A: Sing

Hold & release A: Wail

"Why's everyone so mad? "You're not quite getting it yet…" "We're beaming with pride!"
4-2 Figure Fighter It's the latest in toy-boxer 
technology! Try him out in 
the ring for a few rounds. 
You'll be the tiny, inflatable 
champ in no time!
A: Inflate "Do we have any more batteries?" "This fighter's got potential." "A tiny, new world champion!"
4-3 Juice Shop (New) Welcome to our shop! Your role is squeezing fruits in the machine. You can do it well, right?

Hold A: Squeeze fruits

D-Pad: Pack Juice

"NEVER make juice AGAIN!!!" "It's sweet and tastes good, right?" "How about build second shop, boy?"
4-4 Sneaky Spirits Ghosts are trying to escape their haunted house! Grab your trusty bow, and don't let them get past you! A: Shoot arrow "Oh no! Those are coming out of your archer's salary." "This one's not going anywhere!" "You ghosts stay in that corner and think about what you've done!"
4-5 Fashion Festival(New) The F-F-F(Fantastic Fashion Festival) has started! Ladies, wait in the special room!!! A: Change dresses "We didn't wanted Those costumes!!! But you spoiled!" "It is the latest cool fashion!" "The ladies has won in the #1 contest!!!"
4-6 Fruit Basket (Machine tower in Megamix) Time to put a fresh and surprisingly literal spin on the idea of "street basketball." Also, fruit! A: Dunk fruit "I hope the rain stops soon..." "You gotta sweat for it!" "Nothing but net!"
4-7 Night Walk What could be better than a stroll in the starlight? How about a series of jumps in the starlight? A: Jump "Didn't see that hole in the dark!" "Nothing like a stroll at night." "You followed us up here!"
4-8 OceanLand Remix It's time to mix things up! Beach and sand castle... Do you remember your latest vacation? (No practice for you!) See above "Hot... I'm TOO...Hot...!" "That's a good vacation either." "Haha, I always wanted to swim in the ocean. And I AM doing it right now!"

5. Desert Land

Mascot: Cactasana

She is green cactus girl. She is crazy about money and gold, but she realizes they are not important.

Boss: Goldem

He is old and strong golden golem. He REALLY hates young things ignore him because he was always taught about grade system is fair.

Games Description Control Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message
5-1 Sumo Brothers

You and your brother are sumo wrestlers in training. You also need to practice doing cool poses.

A: Slap/Stomp

B: Pose

"We...are the Sumo Bros..."

"We are the Sumo Bros."

5-2 Marsh-Mella(New) It's my GRANDEST marshmellow statue! But I must protect this from the mice! Don't you dare eat it!

A: Build statue

B: Slap mice

"Oh no! It has only its head! She is bodyless!" "Where should I place it?" "This became REAL beauty!!!"
5-3 Blue Birds The captain might seem a
little intense. He'll get mad
if you mess up, but just let
it roll off you like water
off a duck's back.
A: Peck

Hold A & release: Stretch neck

"Waaaaaaugh!" "Work harder! Harder!!!" "The sky's the limit!"
5-4 Ringside Live from ringside! We hear the champ's innermost thoughts and feelings after the match! A: Answer/Flex

B: Pose

"Oh no! Not the mask!" "Go, go, go! Take him down!" "No question (or opponent) 
is too tough for this guy!"
5-5 Rap Men Oh yeah! The Rap Men are here with their hot new hit- Snack Rap! A: Rap

"Man, we're uncool, yo."

"Yo, I think our tone was a bit off." "Yo, the record company wants a word with us!"
5-6 Cartoon Crapers Let's study about Japanese cartoons! Just follow me, and draw yourself! A: Draw cartoon "Oh... I didn't say draw stick figures..." "You are doing your work good!" "You are best Cartoonist!!!"
5-7 Crop Stomp It's harvest time! It may
seem like a weird way to
pluck beets, but it works. 
Oh, watch out for moles!
A: Stomp

Hold A: Prepare

Release A: Toss

"They're everywhere!" "Phew! Nice farming weather." "Now that's farming!"
5-8 DesertLand Remix It's time to mix things up! Let's find the treasure in this GREAT pyramid! (No practice for you!) See above "Oh no! That mummys!" "May I take this things...?" "Let's share the treasures! it is the way that ALL can be happy!"

 6. Horror Land

Mascot: Pumpky

He is the pumpkin and body is vine. He wants the world that humans and monsters lives in peace, but he is timid and 

Cashany always stop him.

Boss: Cashany

She is skelleton ghost, but her face is human girl's. She was died by her parents because they meke her study lots of things and ignored her dreams. For this reason, she suicided. But her parents didn't realize her cause of death, and said 'pathetic' to her.

Games Description Control Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message
6-1 My Commander   I got big toy soldier for my birthday present! Let's test it! It must be AWESOME!!!

A: Run Forward B: Run Backward

"It is good Mannequin." "It is useful Figure." "It is Awesome Soldier!!!"
6-2 Micro-Row Through the microscope, 
there's a whole other world!
A: Swim "I thought I saw something, but... it's nothing." "We'll need more research. 
And maybe a dance party."
"The discovery of a lifetime!"
6-3 Space Dance You want a dancing challenge?
Try dancing in zero gravity!
Right: Turn right

Down: Squat

A: Punch

"We danced right into a BLACKHOLE!!! "Let us aim for the stars!" "Galactic superstars!"
6-4 Blue Bear This poor bear never learned that it's not a good idea to eat your feelings... A: Eat donut on the right

D-Pad: Eat cake on the left

"Beary? Beary, wake up..." "It was just a dream!" "Bliss."
6-5 Monster Tennis Welcome to the Ultra Tournament! You opponent has no mercy with an arm like that! Close your eyes & hit that ball!

A: Swing racket on right

D-pad: Swing racket on left

"Human, you are real Loser." "It was good match!" "The winner is... Human!"
6-6 Air Rally Keep the rally going in this badminton game! Try not to let the birdie go out of bounds... A: Swing racket "This won't end well..." "Let's concentrate on flying 
for now.
"The only way to play badminton!"
6-7 Moai Doo-Wop Fun Fact: When nobody's looking, moai love to sing. Coping the other's phrase requires really good timing. Hold A: "Doo"

Release A: "Wop"

Press B quickly: Shout

"I'm not talking to you!" "Nothing beats a good song."

"Song time is togetherness time!"

6-8 HorrorLand Remix It's time to mix things up! Don't think the monsters are scary! (No practice for you!) See above "Mama, I don't want to go the mantion again! There is scary!" "Do you want to eat this candy?" "You are the real BRAVER!!!"

 7. Robot Land

Mascot: 48-bit He is blue nerd drone. His father is 30-bit the king of the robots. He pretends to the villian's henchman, but he has really kind mind. Boss: 30-bit He is the great robot king. Actually, he was disabled robot. He was always outsider for the reason. But he became the powerful robot by Death Lord. And he starts to make others under his control.

Games Description Control Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message
7-1 Munchy Monk Your training takes place deep in the mountains. We call it training, but it's really just eating dumplings all day. Enjoy! A: Slap wrist "You are in grave danger!" "You have achieved 
total fullness!"
"Now YOU are the master!"
7-2 First Contact Mission control, we encountered a Martian! I'm going to attempt to translate what it says. A or D-Pad: Translate "Was it something you said?"

"Fun is the universal language."

"Welcome to Earth!"
7-3 Samurai Spinslice(New)  Evil demons have appeared in the village again!!! Samurai goes to stop them! And... the SLIME??? Slime demons???

A: Slice little demons

Hold B: Prepare to slice slime demon

Release B: Slice slime demon

"Are you OK, Mr. Samurai?" "I think there are no demons here..." "You are the HERO!!!"
7-4 Marching Orders Ready, march! Following orders as a unit builds a sense of camaraderie. Also, rhythm. A: March

B: Halt

Left: Left Face Here

Right: Right Face Here

"Aaah! We got left behind!" "This is what we trained for!" "Mission success! I'm glad we drilled so hard!"
7-5 See-Saw Seesaw inspectors do important work to ensure the safety of our children. Serious business. No shenanigans. A: Stomp "Is this thing on?" "Nothing wrong with that one!" "That's a GOOD seesaw…"
7-6 Tap Trial You are the girl. They are
the monkeys. Follow them
to tap stardom!
A: Tap "Gotta tap out." "You were ALMOST as good as a monkey..." "Tap loves you too, Giraffe!"
7-7 Crab Cutter In midnight, you will meet red and hard Friends. They are kind and funny. If you sleep in midnight, they will make Delicious noodles. 

A: Cut noodles

Hold B: Pour Soup

"Well, The legend wasn't true, right?" "Our breakfast is prepared." "Thank you, crab brothers!"
7-8 RobotLand Remix  It's time to mix things up! The friends that have mechanical arms and computer brains will welcome you! (No practice for you!) See above "Oh no! A robot has fatal error!!!" "Well, the factory is working well." "Factory is No#1!!!"

 8. Maid Land

Mascot: Muggetilan

She is tiny mug. Especially, she appears later than the boss because the boss pretends to mascot. She saw the evil things the boss did.

Boss: A

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