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I didnt want to come back, but I did lmao.

Anyways, how have y'all been lately?

Idk if my pages got deleted during that time period where I was gone, but I should probably delete the rest of them.

Anyways, the only reason I came back was because I saw some dA user editing various koopaling ocs on here, reposting and sometimes editing them...And of course my stinky old ones were some of them used and I got reminded of this place. They even made "evil" versions of them. I noted them about removing mine. Those guys were made when I was super naive and way too TMI. That's not me anymore and those designs make me uncomfortable now (which btw all of them got entirely revamped again, from names to species (which most of them are based on extinct species now)).

I have no idea if this dA user uses this wiki but if they do, STOP TAKING OCS FROM HERE AND REUPLOADING AND EDITING THEM. It's not cool :/

Anyways, this was way overdue, but I apologize to anyone in the past who I was annoying to. I was not really a good person back then and that sort of haunts me still, but I've mostly gotten over it overtime. I'm still trying to improve as a person, of course.

Idk if I'm making a full return tho. I haven't been interested in a whole lot of Nintendo things lately, aside from like Pokemon, Miitopia, Tomodachi Life oof.