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JesseRoo JesseRoo 27 September 2013

Looking for suggestions on what format to use for an idea

For a while now I've had a few ideas brewing around for a superhero story, because I am consistently inspired by just how intricate the universes of Marvel and DC feel, and also just because superheroes are cool.

The usual format for superhero stories is comics, though, and I have basically no artistic ability. I also don't really feel like I can commit myself enough to writing if somebody else was helping me with art, unless they were equally as casual (but then we'd run into problems where, if we were both inspired to work on it at different times, nothing would ever actually happen).

Then there's also a traditional written story, but that would be somewhat limiting for expressing character designs and the like, which is a pretty integral …

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JesseRoo JesseRoo 20 September 2013

Fantendo Improvement Drive 2: Improve Harder

So while reading Ferrox's blog about the To Be Deleted category and the comments on it, I realized that we really do need to do something about the problem, which is why I think we should follow in the footsteps of Plumber when he made the original Improvement Drive and make a new Improvement Drive which addresses the main problems the site currently has. I'd like input from all the other admins, sysops and users, but for now these are a few of my ideas.

If you have an idea, put it in the comments and I'll probably add it to the blog, then once everybody's happy we'll start implementing some of this stuff.

  • 1 1. Standards
    • 1.1 1.1. Revamp the "To Be Deleted" Category
  • 2 2. CATEGORIES.
  • 3 3. The weekly poll, featured articles, featured images, etc.

As it…

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JesseRoo JesseRoo 27 July 2013

Userbox Tower Enhancements!

So achievements were recently disabled, which is all fine and dandy, except that achievements were the only things in the sidebar on our userpages. With them gone, there's a big space there that's not too appealing: so Victor and I have been working and came up with a solution.

When using

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JesseRoo JesseRoo 24 July 2013

Series Swap Day 6 Results

So these are the results, delivered to me by GameServ and the power of rolling dice (with assistance from Shroobario!).

  • - Painterly
  • - Investigator S
  • - Hamster Havoc
  • - Masterpiece
  • - Colossal Tribes
  • - Battle of Bracelets
  • - David
  • - Apples
  • - Doodleland
  • - Secret of the Keyhole
  • - VOLT
  • - Meta-Form
  • - Another World
  • - Costume Hero
  • - Fruity Toucan
  • - Pinti Land
  • - Quest Fantasy
  • - Strafe
  • - Monstrosity
  • - Bombell

Have fun, and stuff.

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JesseRoo JesseRoo 20 July 2013

Series Swap Day 6

At the request of Last/Brock, we're doing another one of these.

For the new guys: You sign yourself and one of your series up, and then sometime in the next week once I think enough people have signed up and I have the time (so either Wednesday/American Tuesday or Saturday/American Friday) I use a random number generator, assign each series a number, and give one to every user randomly. Then those users have to/get to make a game for that series.

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