Hey everyone, it's that time of year again! Thanksgiving is approaching, which means December is about a week away!

So, I've decided to do the honors and host this year's Secret Santa event. Before we begin, there are a few important details I'll need to fill y'all in on:

  1. Signups will be open until December 1st. To avoid confusion regarding time zones, you can still sign up if it's November 30th in YOUR time zone, even if it's already December 1st in other areas.
  2. Your gift does not necessarily have to be art. If you're not a great artist (or just wanna do something different) you can still participate! Getting a Steam game for your giftee from their wishlist or putting up a surprise update for them on one of your Fantendo projects can be just as cool of a present.
  3. If you do decide to go for art, though, make sure it's SFW. I'll be posting all art gifts on the next blog, so don't draw anything that breaks our wiki's standards.
  4. If you're gonna get something, you gotta give something. By signing up for this event, you agree that you WILL be doing something for whoever you're assigned. I'll try to pair you up with a friend or someone you can trust, then tell you who your giftee will be on Discord. Don't tell your giftee you've been paired up with them, though! Save your gifts for Christmas Eve/Day. The later, the better!
  5. Once Christmas has ended in ALL time zones, I'll go around making sure everyone got their gifts. If you didn't do anything for your giftee, you'll be blacklisted from the next Secret Santa event, which means you won't be allowed to participate that year. DON'T SIGN UP UNLESS YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN YOU'LL BE ABLE TO DO YOUR PART!

If you don't already know my Discord tag, it's megaexal64#7785. I'll DM you letting you know who your giftee is on December 1st. I'll try to send out my own gifts to some friends too!

One more thing, since people have brought it up: if you DO NOT have Discord, I will be able to let you know who your giftee is on the old Wikia chatroom. I'll just need a reasonable frame of time to contact you there.


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