Hattykid~ Hattykid~ 2 June 2020

Funny Monkey Thread

Self-Explanatory. Post the funniest looking apes youve ever seen in the comments below. They can be any type of ape(gorilla, chimpanzee, etc.), even ones that dont exist.

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Hattykid~ Hattykid~ 31 May 2020

Jokes Thread

Hello, everybody, considering everybody isn't the happiest lately, I thought I'd do something about it.

So just reply to this blog and I'll tell you a personalized joke from yours truly.

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Hattykid~ Hattykid~ 21 April 2020

Who's cooler: Metal Sonic or Shadow the Hedgehog?

Was having a debate about this with some dudes on Discord, thought I'd like to hear you're guys' thoughts on the matter. Who's mroe cool: Shadow or Metal Sonic? Personally, I'd say Metal Sonic, but I'm interested to hear you're thoughts in the comments below.

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