Alright guys, let me tell you some stuff real quick.

A few hours ago, on my Cringe Thread blog, I made some distasteful remarks about 'Catgender' and 'Neopronoun' people. Now, as an autistic person, all this stuff really confused me, as I didn't really know what to make of 'Catgender' or all of that stuff. So I instantly resorted to frustration, I called those types of people 'delusional' and 'idiotic.'

Now, of course, I received a fair amount of negative feedback from what I said, but I really didn't think much of it, I just thought you were all also delusional.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, I was venting to my friend on twitter about 'catgenders.' And I said really, really awful stuff. I said that how catgenders were 'ret**ded' and even said about how I was gonna draw my OCs killing Catgendered people. Now, reasonably, my friend was quite insulted by that, and she then blocked me. It was at that moment was when I realized something: The way I was talking about/treating Catgender/Neopronoun people really wasn't that different as to how I treated Transgender/Homosexuals in 2016 - 2017. 

That was when I realized how the way I was trating those types of people were awful, sure, I was already pretty frustrated when I learnt about Catgender/Neoptaronoun people, but that's no excuse as to how I thought, talked t o, and treated them. That's why I'd like to issue an apology to everbody I offended about those kinds of people. I realized that Catgendered/Neopronoun people are actually mostly consisted of people on the Autism spectrum like me, and then I realized how people may treat the way they express their gender identity differently from me. And even though I may be autistic myself, that does not mean I'm not immune to being albiest

Again, I'm sorry for the things I said about Catgendered people, it was incredibly disgusting and insulting. From now on, I will not question/insult people for how they identify, no matter how odd it may sound to me. This was all my fault, but I promise to think before I act.

Peace out.

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