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    MP9 Boss Predictions

    February 14, 2012 by HammerBroBuddy

    I Can't remember where but somewhere it said there was three bosses per a board so here are my predictions for the confirmed boards

    Lakitu Confirmed

    Goomboss: likely because good Mushrooms are Toads and enemy mushrooms are goombas so it might work

    I'm not sure for another boss

    Blooper confirmed

    Cheep Cheep confirmed

    Gooper Blooper: May be possible would be stronger than Blooper though

    King Boo Confirmed

    Kamek: Likely to be as consired as wizard would fit with theme

    Giant Eyeball thing (Lol) he could be featured in a boss minigame running around making him dizzy then shooting mini stars at his Iris

    Chomp Chomp confirmed

    Boom Boom and Pom Pom: especially because of SM3DL or Possibly Koopaling because of the NSMBW

    Bowser confirmed: this might be his boar…

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  • HammerBroBuddy

    I heard that for mario party 9 there was only these confirmed characters Mario Luigi Peach Daisy Yoshi Birdo Wario Waluigi Toad Koopa Shy guy

    The source (see bottom) confirms bowsers minions are your 1 opponent every board on story mode; These are playable some point in the game as the source says Birdo Blooper Hammer Bro Koopa Kid Shy Guy Koopa Boo Dry Bones

    So my prediction

    Starting Mario Luigi Peach Daisy Yoshi DK Toad Toadette Wario Waluigi Rosalina* Diddy*

    Unlockable Boo Birdo Dry Bones Hammer Bro Blooper Koopa Kid Shy Guy* Koopa*

    • means new

    Why these: Because I wanted to new goodies and two new baddies Diddy Dk pair Toad and Toadette pair Yoshi and Birdo pair Rosalina will pair with Lubba (downloadable) Koopa Kid will pair with Kamek (dow…

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