Hey everyone. Foxy's blog inspired me to make my own custom trainer cards/vs banners. Here's an example of what I'll make:

Basically you can request up to 6 Pokémon you want along with a background and a trainer to represent you, I'll then make a card that fits your specification. However, I do have a few rules too:

  • Be specific for things such as colour, forms and character. This makes it easier for me to create something you like
  • Only request main characters from gen 6 and 5, possibly 4. When I say main, I mean characters such as gym leaders, champions, rivals and the player character.
  • You can request up to 6 pokémon, try to go for 3, 4 or 6 though, as it will turn out better.
  • One Mega per team. Make sure you specify which pokémon is your mega if you have multiple pokémon that can mega evolve.
  • No shinies
  • You can request more than one card, but you have to wait until your current request has been completed.

So that's all the rules, when requesting fill out this template:

  • Name:
  • Amount of Pokémon: (3, 4 or 6 preferably)
  • Mega Pokémon (1 per team)
  • Pokémon: (list in the order you want them)
  • Trainer:
  • Icon BG Color: (what color do you want the pokemon's icons background to be, if you want them to be different say so)
  • Card Color:
  • Name Color:

Request away!



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