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    Hey everyone. Foxy's blog inspired me to make my own custom trainer cards/vs banners. Here's an example of what I'll make:

    Basically you can request up to 6 Pokémon you want along with a background and a trainer to represent you, I'll then make a card that fits your specification. However, I do have a few rules too:

    • Be specific for things such as colour, forms and character. This makes it easier for me to create something you like
    • Only request main characters from gen 6 and 5, possibly 4. When I say main, I mean characters such as gym leaders, champions, rivals and the player character.
    • You can request up to 6 pokémon, try to go for 3, 4 or 6 though, as it will turn out better.
    • One Mega per team. Make sure you specify which pokémon is your mega…
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  • HammerBroBuddy

    A drawing?

    April 7, 2015 by HammerBroBuddy

    Hi everyone, I just drew a quick sketch and I'd like some tips for improvement. It's my first ever drawing in the style of manga I guess but it's kinda different to manga. Anyways, I know that the arms, hands, fingers and body aren't right and that one eye is bigger than the other, but could you help me by suggesting how I can fix this when I draw in this style in the future? Tips for imrpovement would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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  • HammerBroBuddy

    So because a few people have done this and it's only 20 days until MK8's release I thought I might make a few predictions and expectations. So here goes.

    So whenever making a MK roster the first thing that must be considered is veterans. Here is the list of veteran characters from previous MK games and how many times they have been playable in MK. This isn't including the appearances in MK arcade games.

    • Mario (8)
    • Luigi (8)
    • Peach (8)
    • Yoshi (8)
    • Toad (8)
    • Bowser (8)
    • Donkey Kong Jr. (1)
    • Koopa Troopa (5)
    • Wario (7)
    • Donkey Kong (7)
    • Daisy (5)
    • Waluigi (4)
    • Toadette (3)
    • Birdo (2)
    • Diddy Kong (2)
    • Bowser Jr. (2)
    • Paratroopa (1)
    • Dry Bones (2)
    • R.O.B (1)
    • King Boo (2)
    • Petey Piranha (1)
    • Baby Mario (3)
    • Baby Luigi (3)
    • Baby Peach (2)
    • Baby Daisy (2)
    • Funky Kong (1)
    • Dry Bowser (1)
    • Rosalina (3)
    • S…

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  • HammerBroBuddy

    Well after last blog post (I might be coming back), I kind of hit inspiration again, and I have decided to return, for a while atleast. I've changed a bit, first off, expect no more sloppy games from me, just ignore the older games I have made with sloppy content and sections unfinished. I now plan to make much cleaner, completely finished articles that are nice to look at. So hi everyone! :D

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  • HammerBroBuddy

    Well Im not sure yet, I've been gone for a while, but maybe I will be active again. But I'm still thinking about it, so yeah. What have I missed? Who's new and all that stuff.

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