Let's be generous, motherfuckers.

Heeeello there ladies and poppops. Welcome to the Fantendo Secret Santa. Unofficial I guess but still. What do we do there? You sign up, I list you, then I do little mix I do little mix and you get assigned someone. You need to do a little gift (drawing, writing, music, anything) to that someone, and someone else, someone secretsies, who is the one who got you, will have to giev you another little gift.

You understood?

If not search it on Wikipedia you dumb idiot why am I even explaining this fuckass.

Anyway, you get to sign up from today until... 20/12. I will do the assignment the 21/12. You will need to send me the gifts, and I will be in charge of making the little person you got get them. I'm myself not participating, so everything's good.

The day every gift is finally shown? 03/01/12.

Of course the names of whoever did them are not shown. :P


  1. Stelios7
  2. Mogwai
  3. Uil Team
  4. Bizarre Barmy Bufoon
  5. Eltario
  6. Arend
  7. SpooksMaster88
  8. Dk64rules
  9. Clyde1998
  10. YoshiEgg
  11. Wikispeed
  12. MidnightYoshi
  13. MarioPhineas76
  14. John Jerome
  15. Cocomilk33
  16. JesseRoo
  17. Sorastitch
  18. Mariothemovie
  19. Lemmykoopa24
  20. Cobweb
  21. Ryushusupercat
  22. RushingZ
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