Well, while I may have a Chromebook currently, I may be able to get a actual Gaming Laptop this Black Friday, and with it, I will finally be able to delve into the world of creating video games! I know I usually don't stay by here due to having a busy life, but if I get skilled enough, I may actually be able to convert these Fantendo fangames into real games, like the Fantendoverse games. For starters though, the first game I will probably try to create will be a Ice Climbers fangame, since nobody has had the guts to recreate it though. My idea was to make it into a Metroidvania game or something, as well as giving it the Uprising treatment with expanding the world. If it ends up really well, I may submit that to Nintendo itself, but that's getting too ahead of myself. For now though, if you could convert a Fantendo game or character into a real game or game character, who would it be?