In honor of absolutely nothing, it's time for the unofficial sequal to the Dumb Dogshit contest, the Dumber Dogshit Contest!

What the hell is this

If you don't know, the original Dumb Dogshit contest was held in "honor" of the then upcoming Mario + Rabbids crossover. The rules were simple: make the shittiest crossover between a Nintendo Franchise and a Non-Nintendo franchise you can think of and make a page about it. The twist was that you needed to put actual effort into the page, like actually make it good.

Now, we've decided to hold an unofficial 2nd contest because the first one was so much fun. This one has a prize the the top 3: I'll give them a Box Art render of any game they've made!

So, who's ready to make some shitty crossovers?

The Rules

  • Anyone is allowed to sign up :)
  • Make sure your project is the dumbest crossover between a Nintendo Game and a Non Nintendo Game.
  • You'll have 2 weeks to make and edit the page until it's time to vote.
  • The top 3 winners will get a prize :3
  • No porn. I'm just making that clear


  • TheLonelyHydreigon456: Donkey Kong + FNAF
  • StellaStardown: Scooby-Doo + WarioWare
  • Lunanin: Super Mario: Blue's Way Through!
  • EnderLegends: Splatoon + King of the Hill
  • PokerNinja: Nintendo vs Dr. Seuss
  • Bearjedi: LABO Cardboard Man: Adventures on Club Penguin Island
  • Iceboys12: TMNT + Nintendo Series
  • WildCahrds: Animal Crossing + Fallout
  • MeGa eXal: Toy Story + Legend of Zelda
  • Golden-Sans: Mario & Luigi: Bad to the Bone
  • Mirai Moon: Biohazard Crossing

Voting Time!

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