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  • FuchsiaPanacea

    Welcome to the third entry in the "What're You Listening To?" series! The concept I introduced back in April is rather simple- in the comments, you just post what artists/bands you're listening to right now and what songs you keep throwing down on repeat. You can also talk about what video game music tracks you like at the moment, if you want. You can also recommend music you think absolutely everyone should listen to.

    Spotify users might appreciate this link- it will tell them the 50 songs they've listened to the most overall or from over the past month or week (assuming they were in online mode), and it will do the same for artists/bands. Just let it have access to your account first!

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  • FuchsiaPanacea

    Generation VIII (Sword and Shield) left many negative impressions on a number of people. Some were apathetic to the changes and were willing to give the games a shot for what they were, others were quite alarmed about those changes or at least raising eyebrows towards them, and then there are the people who just gave up on Pokémon altogether. Regardless of what you think of Generation 8, I think it's reasonable to assume that we might not get the National Pokédex ever again if Game Freak continues to "trim the fat" (I say that loosely) for future generations.

    Let's say that Generation IX once again doesn't feature the National Pokédex. What Pokémon lines would you be interested in seeing return? Doesn't matter if they were already in the previo…

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  • FuchsiaPanacea

    Name change

    November 10, 2019 by FuchsiaPanacea

    Thought "Athena Hawkins" was a pretty silly account name, so I decided to make a new account after over 1000 days of waiting. There's too many bad memories I have attached to that account anyway, so I wanted to start anew. I was inspired by Fuzzy's blog to finally do this, so go check that out so I don't hog all the spotlight.

    Up to you whether you want to call me Athena or Fuchsia (I still go by Athena as my real name; I just want Fuchsia as my screenname)

    Panacea means "cure-all"

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